10 Best Movies For a First Date

If you watch one of the movies on this list of the 10 Best Movies For a First Date, there will be at least 90 minutes where you won't want to die. The rest of the date, of course, will be a nightmare because dating sucks. So get this much right: watch a movie from this list. It will invoke conversation, laughter, and mockery.

  1. "The Goonies" This movie not only serves as a test (if your date doesn't like it, run away).  It will also tell you about your date's background. If they haven't seen it as a kid, they are an alien who cannot relate to other human beings. Age doesn't matter. If they don't know about the "Truffle Shuffle," how are you going to talk to them about anything else in life? You can save yourself a lot of time on your first date by playing this movie.
  2. "Poltergeist" It's horror lite. A good compromise if you want to grab each other's hand at scary parts, but don't want to see the insides of a murder victim. It will also spark conversations about ghosts, other dimensions, and Craig T. Nelson.
  3. "Rear Window" Classic Hitchcock/Jimmy Stewart masterpiece. If you suggest this and your date hasn't heard of it, you will come off as being someone who has good taste in movies. It's important to let your date know that you don't just watch Tyler Perry movies and or anything with Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is great, and no one would disagree with that, but Jimmy Steward and Grace Kelly are classy, and this is one old movie that holds up very well.
  4. "Dirty Dancing" Guys, you might as well get it out of the way.
  5. "The Jerk" Scene for scene, perhaps the funniest movie of all time. That alone makes it one of the best movies to watch on a first date.
  6. "Back to the Future" This is mostly for '80's nostalgia. Of course a lot of movies would fit that function, but this one is about time travel. That just makes it somehow more appropriate to bring up how you used to roll your pants and listen to Poison. Great first date movie for twenty to thirty somethings especially.
  7. "Donny Darko" It's like taking a science fiction nap. You will both be lost in the story, and guessing at the end what it all means. Something about this movie makes you feel vaguely emotional, and the music is great to make out to. Whether it's your first date or the first movie you watch after you are married, watch this one together.
  8. "Say Anything" It hasn't been scientifically proven yet, but most scientists will tell you that they personally watched this on a first date, and nine out of ten of them got to second base. At least second. And as you know, scientists aren't that aggressive, so it must be this movie.
  9. "When Harry Met Sally" Not much explaining needed here. Cute relationship humor and good onscreen chemistry between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Great date movie.
  10. "Grosse Pointe Blank" Not only a great love story, this movie will just make you feel… cool. Even if you and your date feel nothing for each other, this is such a great first date movie that you might want to meet up again anyway. So be careful with this one.
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