10 Best Movies To Get Over A Break Up

The 10 best movies to get over a breakup teaches the viewer that this hard moment will not last forever. These movies show that, while it may take time, all wounds heal. In some of these movies, life goes on and in others fate brings the couple back together in the end.

  1. “Waiting to Exhale” This movie shows a group of friends helping deal with tragedies in their lives. This is one of the best movies to get over a breakup highlighted Angela Bassett’s character setting her husband’s car on fire when he leaves her for another woman.
  2. “John Tucker Must Die” A popular high school guy dates numerous girls and when they find out, they develop a plan for revenge. This is one of the best movies to get over a breakup because it proves even the hardest breakups can bring the sweetest retribution.
  3. “High Fidelity” John Cusack stars as a man counting down his breakups in one of the best movies to get over a break up. The movie is funny and self-aware, allowing the lead character to learn he is self-loathing and help him get over the pain of the breakups and move on.
  4. Annie Hall” Woody Allen plays a neurotic New Yorker who meets the woman of his dreams and then loses her. It is one of the best movies to get over a breakup as Allen paints a world where it is clear everything will be alright when they meet again as friends.
  5. “August Rush” A rock singer and orchestra musician develop a relationship but are broken up by her father. Unbeknownst to them, they have a child that her father makes her believe died. By the end of the movie all three of them are brought back together by fate.
  6. “The Wedding Singer” This is one of the classic movies to get over a breakup as Adam Sandler plays a guy from the ‘80s who is trying to get over being dumped. Sandler is a wedding singer who falls into the pit of depression until a cute girl, played by Drew Barrymore, helps him turn things around.
  7. “Runaway Bride” Julia Robert stars as a woman who can never commit and always runs away at the last minute, right before she is supposed to be married. Richard Gere stars as a man who documents her breakups and helps her finally work out her problems.
  8. “The Princess Bride” A man is forced to leave his girl and the two must figure out how to deal with their breakup. When she is forced to marry an evil prince and is then kidnapped by a trio of goons, it is up to a mysterious pirate to save her. The movie is the most fun you can have after a breakup.
  9. “Swingers” This is one of the best movies to get over a breakup for guys. Jon Favreau stars as Mike, a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend of six years. He doesn’t know how to deal with this loss and his buddy, played by Vince Vaughn, tries to help in all the wrong ways.
  10. “In the Land of Women” This Meg Ryan starring movie is one of the best movies to get over a breakup. A guy gets dumped by his girlfriend and he goes to live with his grandmother to get over it. He is a novelist and soon meets the mother/daughter pairing who lives across the street who helps him move on.
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