10 Best Movies for Kids

Knowing the 10 best movies for kids will help you distract the little monsters. They're always yammering about how they're hungry, or sleepy, or how they're "tired of working for you for criminally low wages as part of a domestic sweatshop scam" Having these movies for kids in your library will get the little monkeys off your back and will give you few hours of peace and quiet.

  1. "Sherlock, Jr." This silent classic from Buster Keaton is perfect for kids – it's short and full of eye-popping sight gags. The central set-piece is based around Buster as a film projectionist who falls asleep during the movie and dreams that he jumps up into the screen and becomes part of the action, something every kid has probably dreamed of doing at one time or another.
  2. "Modern Times" This almost-silent movie is just one of the Charlie Chaplin comedies that is a great movie for kids. It's a satire about how modern industry can leave individuals crushed under its wheels, but the kids won't give a damn about that – how could they with so many fantastic sequences to distract them, like the famous "Eating Machine" sequence?
  3. "King Kong" Skip the overlong remake and go for the original! Most kids, if they've heard of "King Kong" at all, probably think it's just about a giant ape who rampages through New York City. They will be pleasantly surprised to note the bonus inclusion of an island full of prehistoric monsters and an ape vs. T-Rex fight to boot.
  4. "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" Stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen made many of the best movies for kids, and this one is arguably his best. It has an earnest atmosphere that will capture kids and refresh adults. And the special effects are mind-blowing.
  5. "The Love Bug" Obscure film producer Walt Disney made many of the best movies for kids during his long career as an under-appreciated auteur. In a perfect world, Disney's name would be synonymous with "kids' entertainment." Alas, it is up to we film experts to uncover the buried treasures of the Disney name. The last movie he worked on is one of them. It features as its titular character something that all kids love – a Volkswagon Beetle that has a mind of its own.
  6. "ET" Now we're getting into stuff you might remember watching when you were a kid (unless you had really cool parents, in which case that was true from the beginning). If you show "ET" to a child and they don't like it, you know not to love that child. Because it has no soul.
  7. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" This movie, about cartoon characters who walk and work amongst real humans, will resonate with any kid who is a cartoon fan (which is all of them). It's funny, and it has a hint of danger and adult-ness that makes it especially engaging for kids and adults alike. And the new DVD cut out the part where you can see up Jessica Rabbit's skirt. That's…good…right?
  8. "Back To The Future" Sometimes the best movies for kids are the ones that don't talk down to their audience. In the case of "Back To The Future," it might be easy to forget that it's a kids' movie at all! But aside from some tame sexual innuendo, this movie is a perfect adventure ride for kids. One problem: They'll probably want to see the inferior sequel after you show them this one. Do it for the hoverboards.
  9. "Time Bandits" Here's another movie for kids that isn't afraid of hurting their feelings. Watching Terry Gilliam's weird fairy tale might result in a paradigm shift about what a kids' movie can and can't do. Plus, kids loves dwarves!
  10. "Toy Story" It couldn't be a list of the best movies for kids without  a Pixar, so why not go with the first? In 1995 kids were wowed by the cutting-edge visuals, but it still works long after because the writing is so sharp and the acting so good. It's just a straight-up good movie, no matter how much more advanced CGI gets in the meantime.
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