10 Best Movies With Romantic Break Ups

The best movies with romantic breakups are simply one of the best ways to stop being bitter about ending a relationship. Sure, every person has their own story to tell and sure, breakups are hard to deal with, but it is not impossible to overcome. Not all breakups are tragic and they may actually be for a good cause. Just like these movies:

  1. "Titanic" The legendary movie of Jack and Rose, these lovebirds were about to survive in a shipwreck. Just as soon as Rose was awakened by the watchmen, she found Jack completely lifeless. With heartfelt goodbye, Rose promised to wait for him in the afterlife.
  2. "Moulin Rouge" A fascinating musical movie that’s full of passion and talks about beauty, truth and love. Christian, a passionate poet, falls in love with a gorgeous courtesan named Satine. In the end, Satine was stroked by a fatal disease right after a prestigious play, dying in her lover’s arms.
  3. "A Walk to Remember" A very emotional teenage drama and a pure tearjerker, Landon, a school jock, falls deeply in love with a religious gal named Jamie. Landon didn’t mind losing his so-called popular friends and decided to settle down with Jamie. Jamie died from leukemia, leaving Landon no choice but to move on with his new life.
  4. "The Sweet November" An inspiring movie to see, Sara invites a guy to have a romance with her every month, resetting his life for the better. However, when Nelson started having an affair with Sara, he unexpectedly falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Sara can’t break her one-month rule, so all they’ve got are the sweet memories from November.
  5. "Romeo and Juliet" It's Shakespeare’s greatest story! A combination of pure love, regret and suicide that in spite of their family’s rivalry, Romeo and Juliet didn’t stop pursuing their greatest love for each other, even up until death.
  6. "The Break-Up" If you’re looking for a romantic comedy, this film has it all. It depicts an orthodox of a healthy relationship that turns out to be sour. Gary and Brook were once a couple, but due to misunderstanding and shortcomings, they finally decided to depart, knowing it is the best solution.
  7. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" A comical story where two people, Joel and Clementine, wish to erase their memories of their relationship. Perhaps it is the only way to emotionally survive from the loss of their relationship. A very interesting and enchanting movie you should see!
  8. "Autumn in New York"  A melodramatic movie that will surely touch your heart. Will, an affluent, well-versed businessman, has a commitment problem with females. He suddenly feels a strong feeling, not just an infatuation, towards Charlotte, a very charming girl. Knowing that he can now prove to commit himself to the love of his life, Will finds out that Charlotte was suffering from a sickness that will no longer let her live.
  9. "Breaking Up" Talking about surviving a relationship, sometimes marriage is not the answer. Steve and Monica decided to get married after several series of break up and make up notions. Unfortunately, at the day of the wedding, Monica chooses not to walk down the aisle, believing that they’re not really meant to be and they’re better off without each other.  
  10. "Cruel Intentions" It all started when Sebastian tried robbing Annette’s virginity in winning the bet with his sister. In the end, Sebastian learns to love Annette, handing her his diary that will prove Sebastian’s true feelings. Unfortunately, Sebastian was hit by a car. Before departing, Sebastian whispered his sincere love for Anette.
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