10 Best Movies To Watch After A Breakup

Breaking up is hard, and sometimes the gun range is closed, so here's a list of the ten best movies to watch after a breakup.

1. "Casablanca" Quite possibly the best breakup movie, "Casablanca" is about breaking up not because she thinks you're not smart enough or sexually inadequate, but for the good of the nation! Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine has a problem: His ex-girlfriend Illsa (married, natch) totally wants to get back with him. "This is a problem?" you might be asking. Yes, because her husband happens to be one of the most important fighters against the Axis powers, and if his wife leaves him for some guy with a lisp who owns a bar it would crush him. So Rick does the patriotic thing and tells Illsa that the relationship is less important than letting a boring guy hump you for Uncle Sam. USA! USA!

2. "Detour" Film noirs make some of the best breakup movies, mostly because of their bleak pessimism. And "Detour" is one of the bleakest, and the most pessimistic. And it features one of the most fatal femme fatales in all of film noir, which easily puts it among the best breakup movies.

3. "Vertigo" This makes the list of best break-up movies because the central relationship is doomed from the start. Jimmy Stewart falls in love with a girl he's supposed to be following for a private-eye assignment. She dies, and he goes into some kind of guilt coma, and then when he wakes up he falls in love with her look-a-like (or is she?). And you thought your relationship was screwed up.

4. "The Dirty Dozen" Many Hollywood movies have some kind of a romantic plotline—you know, for the ladies. But if you're looking for a breakup movie you're probably not in the mood to watch Neo get with Trinity or Billy Crystal make it with Meg Ryan. "The Dirty Dozen" fits this bill perfectly—the closest thing to a romantic relationship in the movie is when psycho Telly Savalas tries to rape a Nazi chick.

5. "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid" After a breakup, it's advisable to spend some time with your buddies. So it makes sense that one of the best breakup movies is also the first and best buddy movie. You'll laugh, you'll…well, you'll laugh. There's nothing to cry about, man!

6. "Taxi Driver" "Well," you'll say to yourself, "at least I'm not this guy." Travis Bickle makes a great breakup protagonist because you're probably better off than he is, no matter what the circumstances of your recent breakup were. And it provides some helpful hints for the next time you get a date, like "don't take her to a porno theater."

7. "Annie Hall" Yeah, it's a romantic comedy. But it's also one of the best breakup movies because {SPOILER} they don't get together in the end! And since Woody Allen is at the absolute top of his game here, you're bound to come away with it feeling a little better about not just relationships but people in general. Comedy's funny that way.

8. "Halloween" In the world of slasher movies, sex equals death. Not the worst philosophy if you've just gone through a breakup. So for one of the best breakup movies why not go with one of the first slashers? Just don't get any ideas from Michael Myers. Or comedian Mike Myers, for that matter.

9. "Revenge" Breaking up can put you in a dark mood. So it makes sense that the best breakup movies would be dark, dark, dark. Tony Scott's "Revenge" is probably one of the darkest—a violent, brutal movie that will also change the way you look at fingerbanging—forever.

10. "Kill Bill" This movie will make you glad that your survived the breakup. That, along with the fact that it's one of the most fun kung-fu homages to come out of Hollywood makes it prime best breakup movie material.

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