10 Best Movies To Watch High

Opinions on the 10 best movies to watch high vary because getting high can greatly affect people's perceptions of many things. Some very good movies fair poorly when viewers are high and poor movies seem to have extra quality when viewed through while high.

  1. "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" The Oompa Loompas look like the offspring of an acid-induced Wonka orgy. Charlie and his grandfather literally get high at one point in the movie. No doubt "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" has to be one of the ten best movies to watch high.
  2. "Julia and Julia" It's not what you were expecting, but when the munchies set in, the movie could give some food ideas to hungry, stoned people. Food apart, you would have to be high to sit through this tripe.
  3. "Toy Story" This movie has been tested several times and there is something magical about watching your childhood toys come to life when you are under the influence, which is why this classic makes the list of the ten best movies to watch when high.
  4. "Wayne's World" They never admitted it, but the main characters in this movie were classic stoners. This movie inspired a generation of kids to believe that you could get hot chicks and become rock stars without good looks or talent–definitely ideas that you would expect to find propagated in a list of movies to watch while high.
  5. "The Ring" This movie would be good to watch when high because you would be too wasted to run when the girl starts crawling out of the screen. Will she get you? There only one way to find out: Watch this entrant for the ten best movies to watch high.
  6. "Half Baked" To watch a movie about people getting high is only polite to join them, so Dave and company earn their spot on this list on that basis alone. The stand-up star is hilarious at the best of times but wacky backy makes him even funnier.
  7. "Old School" When you are high you get the giggles, so why not max out that feeling by watching a hilarious movie? Frank the Tank is a great role model and you need to be high to cope with the sadness of Blue's death.
  8. "The Doors" Weird, scary and at times disturbing, this top ten movie to watch high remains a modern classic. Jim Morrison is getting wasted in the movie so why not pay him the best tribute possible and emulate him? Even if you don't like the movie, it is worth watching for the music.
  9. "Yellow Submarine" The Beatles were more famous for their music than their filmmaking and unless you watch this movie when you are high, you will see why.
  10. "Old Yeller" You will need to watch this movie when you are high to ease the pain when the title character gets shot. Lassie can't hold a candle to this tough old dog.
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