10 Best Movies To Watch On A Rainy Day

Next time the weather takes a turn for the worse, get your DVD player ready, sit back and enjoy one of the 10 best movies to watch on a rainy day. Some of the best movies to watch on a rainy day are weather-themed, and some are just great escapism, but either way, here are the top 10.

  1. "Hard Rain" This film will make you realize that the rain in your neighborhood is not so bad, and even if it is, at least you don't have boat-loads of hoodlums on the prowl. Morgan Freeman and one-time heart throb Christian Slater help make this one of the best movies to watch on any day. 
  2. "Singing in the Rain" Not only is this one of the all time best movies, it also inspires people to appreciate the weather even on a rainy day. Why sit inside all day being miserable when you can pole dance on a lamp post like Gene Kelly?
  3. "The Wizard of Oz" This film features a tornado rather than rain, but nevertheless it is a heart-warming classic and one of the best movies ever. The grey Kansas town being replaced by the glorious color of Oz should inspire you to not let the dreary weather ruin your day.
  4. "Wild Things" Since this list calls for a watery theme, why not enjoy some wet girl action with Denise Richards looking hot as a young lesbian? This one is great for any occasion, but is also a great one for a rainy day.
  5. "Evan Almighty" Much funnier than the original, which starred Jim Carey, this almighty movie ranks among the best movies to watch on a day when you are stuck at home. Carell is hilarious as the Noah-type character, and there is plenty of rain.
  6. "Rain Man" This is a good movie and the rainy weather outside is as good an excuse as any to whip it out for another viewing. This was long before Tom fell out with Matt Lauer, or Nicole Kidman for that matter, and his best works are all good movies.
  7. "The Day After Tomorrow" OK, so it is annoying that it is raining outside, but one of the best movies to watch on a rainy day has to be "The Day After Tomorrow." The weather Quaid and company have to deal with should make you feel much better about that minor leak in your roof.
  8. "Little Children" This film features a housewife played by Kate Winslet who is stuck indoors a lot, in part because it rains during the story. The cool thing is that she has massive boobs and loves getting naughty in the laundry room, which makes this one of her best movies.
  9. "Walk the Line" This brilliant movie about country star Johnny Cash is really long, which means it will keep you occupied for hours on a rainy day. It stars the talented Mr. Phoenix and, more importantly, the perky blonde bombshell that is Reese Witherspoon.
  10. "Lady in the Water" Nobody who saw this at the movies liked it, and it is unlikely they would every watch it again, unless they had to. If you are stuck indoors by the weather, then why not give mediocre, weird movies another shot? This film meets both criteria, thus making it one of the best movies to watch on a rainy day.
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