10 Best Movies To Watch When Getting Over A Breakup

These are the 10 best movies to watch when getting over a breakup. When your own life gets a little hard to deal with, movies can be a great escape. Breaking up is never easy, but these movies can help. They will make you laugh and cry while also helping you get away from your own breakup for a few hours.

  1. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” If you need a movie that can make you laugh, this breakup movie is perfect. After Peter’s girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, breaks up with him to date a rock star, they end up on the same vacation island in Hawaii.
  2. “The Break-Up” The lives of one couple proceed to get uglier as both partners attempt to live together after breaking up. This movie can be hilarious at times, but it can also be dramatic and serious.
  3. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” A couple attempts to erase memories of each other when their relationship turns sour. However, through the procedure they discover what they had to begin with and realize they made a terrible mistake.
  4. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” After you watch this movie you will be grateful to not be the ex of a female superhero. When Matt’s superhero girlfriend gets too needy, he dumps her. She then uses her powers to make his life a living hell.
  5. “Bridget Jones's Diary” If you are interested in seeing the female perspective breakups, this is a great movie to watch. Bridget isn’t perfect, but she’s quite funny. She has her heart broken, gets tired of dating and decides to start doing things her way.
  6. “High Fidelity” After a series of bad breakups Rob, a record store owner and compulsive listmaker, recounts his previous relationships, including the one in progress, to see what went wrong. This is another humorous breakup movie.
  7. “Lars and the Real Girl” A delusional introvert, Lars begins a relationship with a doll he finds on the internet. Lars’s loved ones are unsure of what to think. This movie follows Lars's emotional journey and the people around him.
  8. “The Wedding Singer” After being left at the altar by his fiance, Robbie learns what it feels like to have his heart broken. He has a tough time, but things begin to turn around when he meets a beautiful waitress named Julia. This is a wonderful movie to watch when getting over a breakup.
  9. “Saving Silverman” Darren is in a relationship with a very controlling woman. When the two get engaged, Darren’s two best friends conspire to save him from marrying the wrong woman. Along the way, Darren reconnects with his true love, Sandy.
  10. “P.S. I Love you” If you struggle with moving on after a breakup, this movie can give you a few ideas that will help. A young woman discovers that her deceased husband has left her ten messages that are intended to ease her pain and help her move on to start a new life.
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