10 Best Movies to Watch While Bored

These are the 10 best movies to watch when you get bored. Lets face it, we all get bored. But what should we do when boredom strikes? Well, these are the ten best movies to watch when you are in exactly that situation.

  1. "An American Crime"- This movie will suck you right into the plot. Based on a true story, "An American Crime" tells the story of a fifteen year old girl tortured over the course of a few weeks until she dies of a brain haemorrhage.
  2. "Whip It"- Just like the great movie for boredom above, "Whip It" is based on a true story. Follow the story of a young girl as she hustles her way into a roller derby league at the dismay of every one around her.
  3. "Garden State"- "Garden State" is an indie film. Andrew Largeman decides to take a break from his meds only to find out he never needed them in the first place. This movie is ideal for boredom.
  4. "The Tracey Fragments"- Get wrapped up in the unique film "The Tracey Fragments", as the story of how a girl lost her virginity and her brother in the same day are told through a method of fragments covering your screen. This film will get under your skin and eliminate your boredom in a quick hurry.
  5. "The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh"- Just like you, the main character of this film is bored. He is bored with his life. What is his response? He responds by getting two new friends. A female and a male, both of whom he has sex with.
  6. "The Wackness"- Yet another indie film, "The Wackness" follows a boy who is madly in love with a girl who just views it as a quick fling. This film is the perfect remedy to boredom.
  7. "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas"- Follow the Holocaust from a different perspective for a change. Not that of a prisoner, but from the view of a six year old son of a German Army Sargeant who has no idea what is going on. This film is perfect for boredom
  8. "Almost Famous"- If you are bored, just take a trip back in time with this film revolving around a groupies quest to seduce the guitarist from a band on the rise, only to find out, he used her for sex.
  9. "Away We Go"- Another film about people bored with their life, they decide to travel the world in an attempt to find the perfect place to raise their kid, but the place that is best, was the place they never imagined.
  10. "Marie Antoinette"- In order to cure boredom, you need to have fun. So watch this film about a Queen of France who might just have had a bit too much fun and is run out of her own palace.
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