10 Best Movies To Watch While Stoned

You got your pipe packed and your bowl of potato chips/popcorn/Milk-duds mixture ready to go but you can’t decide what movie to throw on—so here’s the 10 best movies to watch while stoned.

  1. “The Holy Mountain” This one may be better to watch while tripping acid or mushrooms (which I think the filmmakers were), but watching it stoned should be fun too. Heavily influenced by the tarot and religious themes this movie follows a man on a wacky adventure to find gold… I think. Little dialogue and some pretty out there visual imagery make this a good one to watch stoned.
  2. “Pineapple Express” Seth Rogan stars in this movie about a couple of stoners who find themselves mixed up in a violent conspiracy. Rogan’s character buys some super rare stuff called pineapple express from his dealer and afterwards witnesses a murder. Fleeing in panic he leaves a roach of the stuff at the murder scene which allows the villains to track him through Franco’s character. What ensues is action packed comedy.
  3. “Escape from New York” This cult-classic isn’t what one might consider a good movie to watch stoned but the cheesy eighties depiction of the future and somewhat over the top action scenes should give you chuckle. Kurt Russell stars as total bad-ass and former soldier Snake Plissken who is given the job of rescuing the president from the island of Manhattan (which was converted into a maximum security prison) after Air Force One crashes there.
  4. Up in Smoke This classic Cheech and Chong movie is the first they ever made. If your looking for a good movie to watch stoned and have never seen this, watch it. A crucial flick to watch if your stoned.
  5. Half Baked This is a classic stoner movie about three friends trying to raise bail money for their friend (who accidently killed a diabetic horse) by selling weed. The gut busting antics and low detail plot make this a choice film for getting high too. The hilarious character played by Dave Chappell leads the very funny cast to the very top of the drug game and into some hilariously sticky spots. A must see.
  6. The Harder They Come Jimmy Cliff stars in this Jamaican flick about a man who becomes a heroic cop killing fugitive after having enough with his lack of opportunity. The movie is based on the actual Jamaican known as “Rhyging” and shows the disparity people face in that country. The movie has a great Reggae soundtrack and a pretty good plot, although it can be hard at times to understand the Jamaican Patois.
  7. Nice Dreams The third full-length Cheech and Chong movie that is a must see for any stoner. Not only does this movie have a cop who smokes weed and slowly becomes a lizard but it’s also got Pee-Wee Herman playing the cocaine addicted “Hamburger Dude.” What more can we say?
  8. The Big Lebowski Jeff Bridges stars as Jeffery Lebowski (or as he prefers to be known, “The Dude”), a burnout who just wants a new rug after some thugs break into his apartment and pee on it because they mixed him up with another Jeffery Lebowski who owes their boss money. Upon visiting the the “real” Jeff Lebowski he becomes mixed up in a situation involving kidnapping, nihilists and a ferret in his bathtub.
  9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Come on, whose never seen this movie (especially if your a pot smoker)? King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table venture out in search of the holy grail. What ensues may leave you laughing so hard that you might feel a trickle of urine in your pants, but don’t let that discourage you.
  10. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” This is a must see for anyone who appreciates the effects of drugs. Johnny Depp portrays the legendary Hunter S. Thompson (who wrote the book this film is based on) who, with his lawyer Gonzo, travel to Las Vegas to cover the Mint 400 motorcycle race. They also have a suitcase full of any drug you could imagine which (obviously) makes for a hilariously crazy adventure.

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