10 Best MP3 Ringtones

Looking for the 10 best MP3 ringtones to download on that new phone of yours? One of the nice things about almost any cell phone is the ringtones. You can assign a different ringtone to everyone in your phone book if the mood strikes you. Ringtones are a matter of personal preference, but these songs are among the most popular of all time.

  1. "Push It" by Salt N' Pepa "Push It" remains a very popular song. It also makes for a good ringtone, especially if your phone volume is set to a loud volume. A "Push It" ringtone will certainly grab your attention.
  2. "We Will Rock You" by Queen Queen is a good band to consider when trying to find a ringtone. "We Will Rock You" is a loud ringtone and not only will it get your attention when someone calls you, people in the vicinity probably won't hate you when your phone rings.
  3. "Temperature" by Sean Paul "Temperature" is a song to consider for a ringtone if you are into popular rap music. It would be good for an alarm, as well as a ringtone to set if your ringtone needs to grab your attention, say in a noisy setting.
  4. "U Got It Bad" by Usher This song by Usher is one to consider for your ringtone. The mellow quality doesn't make for a good ringtone for an alarm, but it's perfect to set as a ringtone for that someone in your life that you've "got it bad" for.
  5. "Because I Got High" by Afroman "Because I Got High" is the anthem of stoners everywhere. It's a good ringtone to download to your phone if you enjoy that kind of thing or if you'd like to set an individual ringtone for someone else who is.
  6. "Superman" by Eminem A list of MP3 ringtones would not be complete without at least one song from Eminem. He has universal appeal. If "Superman" doesn't appeal to you for your primary ringtone, there is at least one person in your contacts list that it would be appropriate for.
  7. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" is a definite classic. People of all ages and from all walks of life know and love this song. Depending on the meaning that this song has to you, it can be a primary ringtone or as an individual ringtone set for a loved one.
  8. "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl" is another universally popular classic. Appropriate for a primary ringtone or as an individual ringtone. Needless to say, "Brown Eyed Girl" would be perfect for… you guessed it. A brown eyed girl.
  9. "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" is the perfect universal ringtone. Whether you're looking for a ringtone to use with your alarm, a primary ringtone, etc. "Billie Jean" has got you covered.
  10. "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" may not be loud enough to justify using it for an alarm or in a noisy place. However, the mellow reggae and the simple lyrics make it an appropriate choice for that ex of yours who just keeps calling.
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