10 Best MTB Cycling Shoes

The 10 best MTB cycling shoes are durable and easy to fit. The ten best MTB shoes meet the needs of the rugged terrain because MTB shoes are built to meet the bumps and grinds of mountain biking without skimping on comfort. Mountain biking is insanely popular and fun. Having the right MTB shoes will make the experience that much more pleasurable. Remember mountain biking is a rough ride and the best MTB shoes will keep you on the trail. The MTB shoes in this article are some of the best on the market. The MTB shoe manufacturers have built a reputation on providing the best in MTB shoes.

  1. Northwave Razer S.B.S. Carbon Shoe: is a lightweight shoe built to withstand the punishment. This shoe provides strap under sole and durable lace wraps to mold to the riders feet. Awesomely constructed shoe with reinforced stitching and sole product to keep the shoe in your arsenal for years to come.
  2. DMT Watt MTB Cycling Shoes – SPD, Carbon: if MTB is your gig then strap on a pair of these DMT’s and hit the trail. Comfortable, durable and sleek, these carbon-based shoes are made for adventure. The harden carbon outsole is perfect for this style of riding and will provide years of durability.
  3. Shimano SH-M230 Custom Fit Mountain Bike Shoe: move over inexperienced MTB shoes and make room for an affordable masterpiece. This shoe rules the amateur market with a perfect binding shoe at a reasonable price. This is a great shoe for the serious but still growing MTB cyclist.
  4. Louis Garneau 2010 Montana XT2 Mountain Bike Shoe: provides a sturdy foothold and expertly crafted outsole to meet the rigors of MTB. This shoe is form fit for comfort and very light weight. This shoe is constructed with great material construction that provides protection and durability against the elements.
  5. Sidi 2010 Dominator 5 Mesh Mountain Bike Shoe: offers spiked under sole for added grip and stability. Durable strapping will keep the shoes steady on your feet. Comfort ride with reinforced side pads for added protection.
  6. Shimano SH MT42NV Mountain Bike Shoe: is a stylish and durable alternative MTB shoe. A great fitting shoe with over lace protection and slim fitting outsole. Very well made and a sure fire hit among the top ten. Geared towards the novice but will keep well during those trial runs.
  7. Shimano Competition Off Road Bike Shoe: is just as the name suggests, for the competitive and serious mountain biker. These shoes are sturdy and fit like second skin. They are lightweight and built to tackle the terrain and stand up to the potential foul weather.
  8. Sidi 2010 GIAU Mega Mountain Bike Shoe: are poised to stand up to the best Mother Nature has to offer. This shoe is a monster on the course with its plush construction and triple strap secure net. Don’t let the plush fool you with this durable and professional grade constructed shoe.
  9. Louis Garneau 2010 Montana XT4 Mountain Bike Shoe: is a sleek shoe with reinforced guards and a pliable outsole. This is a well constructed shoe that meets the demands of outdoor biking with a lightweight and comfortable fit. There should be no disappointment with this lower priced shoe that answers the call and saves on the billfold.
  10. Pearl Izumi Men's Race MTB Shoe: provides a perfect rounding of the best ten MTB shoes. This shoe is built for the off road adventures with a durable outsole and reinforced construction. Fit is comfortable and stable with a price that is for those looking not to spend a bundle as they move into the sport.
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