10 Best Murder Movie Scenes

Whether you're enjoying a guy's movie night or a romantic night in, it's always fun to get your adrenaline rushing with horror movies and their ten best murder movie scenes. From lethal drills to shower murders, here is a list of the top ten best murder movie scenes of all time.

  1. "Theatre of Blood"– Vincent Prince stars as Edward Lionheart, who wants to avenge some theater critics who made him go crazy. He invites one of them to a wine tasting, where he drowns him in wine.
  2. "Phantasm"- This may be the bloodiest murder scene in movie history. When a metal sphere attacks visitors in a funeral home, one of the “bad guys” gets smashed in the head, and then drilled to death.
  3. "Nightmare on Elm Street"- Johnny Depp plays Freddie Krueger, who dies in a hole in his bed at the end of the film, with a generous amount of blood splattered around the room.

  4. "The Exorcist"– When the priest tries to exorcise a possessed little girl, she pushes him out the window after vomiting, cursing and talking in tongues.

  5. "Friday the Thirteenth"- Jason Vorhee’s mother, played by Betsy Palmer, kills some camp counselors after her son dies years earlier. The pivotal scene is when the last counselor unfortunately chops off her head.
  6. "Silence of the Lambs"- This horror movie classic features the infamous Hannibal, played by Anthony Hopkins, who brutally clubs a security guard while smiling.
  7. "Alien"– Science fiction movies don’t usually involve murder scenes, but "Alien" is unique. The worst scene is when the alien leaves an astronaut’s body with some gory special effects.
  8. "Psycho"– Who could forget the shower scene? When Norman Bates’ mom murders Janet Leigh in the shower, you may never enter a shower without peeking behind the curtain first again.

  9. "I Am Legend"- Will Smith plays Dr. Neville, who survives a mutated virus and is one of the few living people in New York City. In one memorable scene, the doctor launches a hand grenade and kills himself along with the infected villains. 
  10. "No Country for Old Men"– Perhaps the worst scene in this film was the first one; when a deputy arrests a serial killer, the killer strangles the deputy with his handcuffs.
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