10 Best Murder Thriller Movies

The 10 best murder thriller movies will get your pulse racing and keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out the list below for both contemporary and classic movies that all revolve around murder, intrigue, and deception.

  1. "Psycho" – This Hitchcock murder thriller contains one of the most famous movie scenes of all time. The frightfully thrilling shower scene sets the stage for the rest of the film, in which viewers learn that motel keeper Norman Bates has quite a few creepy secrets.
  2. "The Fugitive" – Harrison Ford stars as a man falsely accused of murdering his wife in this acclaimed murder thriller. It quickly becomes a race against time as Ford’s character attempts to find the real killer all while eluding police forces led by Tommy Lee Jones.
  3. "Laura" – This classic murder thriller from 1944 is full of twists and turns. A detective is sent out to investigate the murder of the title character, but ends up falling in love with her instead. Watch the movie to discover how it all plays out.
  4. "Memento" The film is an untraditional murder thriller that will give you a cerebral workout.  Guy Pearce plays a man trying to catch the murderer of his wife. This task is more difficult for him because he continually loses his memory and must leave himself reminders while on the trail of the killer. The story is told backwards and ends in a thrilling conclusion.
  5. "The Talented Mr. Ripley" – Matt Damon plays against character and delivers a chilling performance in this murder thriller. His character befriends a young couple played by Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow in 1950's Europe, and he soon takes desperate measures to have his friends’ lifestyles as his own.
  6. "Basic Instinct" – In this erotic murder thriller, Sharon Stone is cast as a chilling but sexy murder suspect. Michael Douglas plays the detective who must solve the mystery without getting himself in over his head.
  7. "Seven" – In this murder thriller, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play detectives on the hunt for a serial killer (played by Kevin Spacey), who bases his murders on the deadly sins. The movie will keep you in suspense, all the way to the shocking end.
  8. "Taking Lives" – Angelina Jolie plays a tough FBI agent on the trail of serial killer in this murder thriller. Ethan Hawke costars and complicates the murder mystery plot.
  9. "Jagged Edge" – In this well-crafted murder thriller, Jeff Bridges stars as a man accused of brutally murdering his wife. Glenn Close plays the defense attorney who takes his case. They soon participate in more than just business, which leads Close’s character to question her client’s innocence.
  10. "A Perfect Murder" -This murder thriller is based loosely off Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder.” Michael Douglas plays a husband who plots out his wife’s murder after he discovers her infidelity. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the wife, while Viggo Mortensen costars as her lover.
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