10 Best Mysteries

The 10 best mysteries are all full of wonderful puzzles that please the inquisitive part of the mind while simultaneously providing entertainment. Most feature clever detectives who do everything in their power to find the answers and save the day. In terms of tone, some of these movies are very dark and twisted, while others are light and breezy.

  1. “Se7en” is the movie that put director David Fincher on the map and it’s one of the best mysteries ever made. It’s about a killer who uses the concept of 7 deadly sins in order to make a point.
  2. “The Big Sleep” is one of the best mysteries starring Humphrey Bogart, and he starred in quite a few. This one is based on a novel about the famous character Philip Marlowe, and it’s exceptionally complicated.
  3. “Rope” is one of the best mysteries directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This is a whodunit set in the middle of a dinner party. The story is told in real time, which was very innovative at the time.
  4. “The Lady Vanishes” is another one of Hitchcock’s best mysteries. This one is about a woman who disappears during a trip on-board a train.
  5. “Blue Velvet” is one of the most disturbing films on this list of the best mysteries. It’s about a young man who finds an ear in the grass, and tries to discover how it got there.
  6. “Suspicion” is another great mystery from director Alfred Hitchcock. This one tells the story of a woman who begins to think her husband might be trying to kill her.
  7. “Zodiac” is one of the best mysteries based on a true story. It’s about a newspaper cartoonist who devotes himself to finding a serial killer. It does a good job showing how much harder it is to solve mysteries in real life.
  8. “The Maltese Falcon” is another great mystery film starring Humphrey Bogart. This time, he’s playing private detective Sam Spade, and he’s searching for a valuable statuette.
  9. “The Usual Suspects” is a really great modern whodunit. It’s about a boat that gets blown up, and the quest to find out who’s responsible. It is well known for having a twist ending.
  10. “Tenebre” is a very clever film that blends mystery with horror by Italian horror director Dario Argento. He made many movies in this vein, but this one has a better mystery than most of them. It’s about a novelist who has managed to attract the attention of a serial killer. 
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