10 Best Mystery Movies Of The ’00s

Here are the 10 best mystery movies of the 2000's. It was certainly a good period for the mystery genre. Some are thrillers, some sheer suspense, but all constitute the best that 2000 had to offer.

  1. "The Departed" 2006. An absolutely great mystery thriller. Corruption and how far it stems is the theme for this edge of your seat mystery. Who is really the bad guy? When will they find out. One of Scorcese's best.
  2. "Sherlock Holmes" 2009. Robert Downey Jr. revitalizes this mystery classic. It is fresh and defines the essence of the mystery genre. This is a must-see mystery of the 2000's.
  3. "The Davinci Code" 2006. This best selling novel turned into film, is an excellent mystery. The film is almost as good as the book, and like any good mystery, keeps you guessing.
  4. "The Number 23" 2007. Jim Carrey shows he has another side besides comedy in this creepy mystery. The number appears everywhere. What does it mean, and when will it end?
  5. "Insomnia" 2002. Al Pacino loses sleep and a lot more than that is this great mystery. It is set in Alaska which heightens the effect of the insomnia throughout the film. You don't want to miss this one.
  6. "Nancy Drew" 2007. You loved it as a child, and you will love it even more now. It is clever and smart and embodies the true essence of the mystery genre.
  7. "I Know Who Killed Me" 2007. Just looking at the title, you get a real sense of the chills this thriller mystery will give you. It will scare you; it will thrill you, Don't miss this great mystery.
  8. "Memento" 2000. This is one of the best mysteries of the 2000's. It involves snapshots that serve as mementos. It will keep you glued.
  9. "The Bourne Ultimatum" 2007. Matt Damon does not disappoint in this action packed mystery. Bourne has no memory, and must figure out who is is. It is a wild ride that you will not want to end.
  10. "Mystic River" 2003. Sean Penn stars in this excellent mystery drama. It is about a murder of a child. There are so many levels to this film, you might want to watch it twice. It is a one of the best mysteries of the 2000's.
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