10 Best Mystery Movies

If you’re looking for an exciting movie with twists, turns, and surprises, then these 10 best mystery movies will keep you satisfied. The list below contains both classic and recent films that all feature complex mysteries that are slowly and adeptly uncovered. If you want to watch a good mystery on the screen, read on.

  1. “The Maltese Falcon This classic mystery movie stars Humphrey Bogart as a private detective of search for a missing Maltese falcon statuette. During the course of the movie, he meets crooks, murderers, and a beautiful femme fatale.
  2. “Rebecca” The film dates back to 1940, but “Rebecca” has remained one of the best mystery movies in cinema. This Alfred Hitchcock film revolves around a newlywed who learns that her husband’s deceased wife still holds a strange presence at their new home. The movie gets pretty creepy and has a great surprise at the end.
  3. “The Usual Suspects” The 1995 film starring Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin and Gabriel Byrne all centers on one pervading mystery: Who is Keyser Soze? The movie doesn’t answer this question until the very end and leaves viewers on the edge of their seat waiting to solve the mystery.
  4. “The Rear Window” Another classic Hitchcock film, “Rear Window,” stars James Stewart and Grace Kelley in one of the best mystery movies. Stewart plays a man confined to a wheelchair, who soon starts spying on the neighbors. When he thinks he might have accidentally witnessed a murder, the movie transforms into a suspenseful mystery film.
  5. “Psycho” Hitchcock was clearly the king of mysteries because this famous Hitchcock film is another of cinema’s best mystery movies. The main heroine is almost immediately killed off in “Psycho,” but don’t worry; there is plenty of suspense and mystery. The behavior of Norman Bates and his odd relationship with his mother leads to a thrilling finale.
  6. “The Prestige The mystery movie is a period piece that takes place during the late 1800's. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman play rival magicians competing for the best show. When one of them takes his tricks to a new, dangerous level, the mystery begins to uncover the secret behind his illusion. This dark film will keep you guessing throughout.
  7. “The Game” This David Fincher film starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn is a creepy mystery movie that will make you think after you’ve watched it. Douglas stars as a man who gets an elaborate “game” for his birthday, which starts to consume every aspect of his life.
  8. “Citizen Kane” The classic Orson Welles film is one of the greatest movies of all time, but also is a great mystery movie. The very opening line, “Rosebud,” begins the mystery. The film recounts a mogul’s life and death, as reporters and family try to solve the riddle behind Rosebud.
  9. “Chinatown” This classic 1970's film stars Jack Nicholson as a 1930's L.A. private detective who takes on more than he ever bargained for. This best mystery movie revolves around the secrets behind Los Angeles’ water supply. The movie also ends with a shocking disclosure by Faye Dunaway’s character. 
  10. “Sunset Boulevard” Directed by Billy Wilder, this film starts with the murder of the protagonist and then goes back in time to retrace how it all began. The film is a great mystery movie with more untraditional storytelling, and Gloria Swanson’s psychotic self-delusion provides a fascinating and creepy character study.
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