10 Best Narrator Quotes From ‘Gossip Girl’

Here are the 10 best narrator quotes from "Gossip Girl." The narrator on "Gossip Girl" makes the show. She sends out group texts with all of the latest gossip going on in the Upper East Side. They have still not released who she really is or who all of her sources are that give her such great scoop.

  1. “That's the thing about destiny. Instead of too many choices, you suddenly have none. The Prince of Darkness finally sees the light, only to realize it's no longer an option. And the time for love has come and gone. The rest of us just have to keep moving forward. Accept the choice is out of your hands. It's up to the fates to decide. XOXO —Gossip Girl” Chuck has finally realized that he wants to be with Blaire when it is just too late.
  2. "Spotted: Georgina Sparks, a stroller, and Dan's dad with a scowl. Looks like Lonely Boy has a baby boy." This is right after Georgina has returned telling Dan that she had their baby.
  3. "Napoleon once said that secrets travel fast in Paris. But Gossip Girl travels faster. Bisou bisou." Gossip Girl can find out a secret no matter where in the world you are from her great sources.
  4. "This just in from Miss B herself: Serena van der Woodsen is heading to Columbia. S & B together again? We think we've died and gone to heaven. Or at least the Upper West Side…." Serena and Blaire are best friends and were supposed to be attending different colleges. They finally decided to go to the same one.
  5. "Holy Bruce Wayne, Batman. It's one thing to hide who you really are. It's another to pretend you don't exist." Chuck decided to pretend he was gone forever and even changed his name. As well know, this didn't last long.
  6. "Attention Party People. Bass' black and white has added some fire and ice. Whether you're a saint or a sinner, the afterlife never looked so good." Chuck decided to change his party at the last minute. It sure does end up being a fire and ice party with a lot of drama.
  7. "Spotted: One ugly duckling exiled. Let's hope she doesn't turn into a black swan." This is when they exile Juliet and tell her to leave the area to never come back again.
  8. "Morning, Upper East Siders. Hope you had a good night's sleep. Or at least a good night's play." The narrator is always saying things in a teasing way and this is one of those that I just love.
  9. "Other times even things we never realized were traditions can become one. But the best kinds of traditions are the ones that bring people together. Even under the most unlikely of circumstances." This is where we find out everyone is going to be together because Serena is in rehab. It is a sad situation, but nice they are together again.
  10. "It's no surprise C and B succumbed to the dark side. But how about the boys from opposite sides of the bridge? It's hard to get word when they're both lip locked with Serena van der Woodsen. Lucky I have the pictures to prove it." Poor Serena was tricked and they made it look like she was kissing Dan and Nate both, but she didn't kiss either one.
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