10 Best Natalie Portman Movies

The 10 best Natalie Portman movies can help to cheer up any man on any given day. Not only is she totally hot, she's a smart. She's a Harvard grad that's probably smarter than you. As one of the most talented young actresses out there today, Natalie Portman's best movies prove that she is not only great to look at—her talent makes any move she's in a better movie to watch. It's nearly impossible to go wrong with Natalie Portman. Almost every one of her films belong on some sort of Top 10 list. Go grab some popcorn and watch a Natalie Portman marathon.

  1. "Garden State" In this Zach Braff penned indie dramady, Natalie Portman plays Sam, a pathological liar who always admits her lies when confronted. Through her unbridled spirit, penchant for controlled chaos, and careful musical choices, Sam plays the pivotal role in this coming of age tale for hipsters of all ages.
  2. "Heat" Filmed when she was just fourteen years-old, "Heat" is among the best crime dramas ever committed to celluloid. Natalie Portman plays a small but crucial role as Vincent Hanna's (Al Pacino) stepdaughter, Lauren. Lauren is one of Hanna's last bastions of sanity outside his work and her performance as the troubled tween lends an unmistakable air of humanity and compassion to Pacino's character.
  3. "The Professional" Natalie Portman's breakthrough performance came as a thirteen year-old apprentice assassin in "The Professional." This Luc Besson film will melt your heart. Playing Mathilda, a young girl who's just lost her family to homicidal DEA agents, Natalie Portman seeks refuge with her neighbor Leon, a professional assassin. As she slowly falls in love with the reluctant Leon, Mathilda decides she wants to follow in his footsteps professionally.
  4. "Closer" It's not hard to figure out why "Closer" is in the list of best Natalie Portman movies. Aside from the fact that she plays a stripper, which instantly makes the movie watchable, her performance as the jilted lover Alice sparkles with rage, wit, humor and most importantly reluctant strength. "Closer" is a showcase for Natalie Portman's undeniable range of emotions.
  5. "V For Vendetta" Proving Natalie Portman's dedication to her craft, she shaved her head for this role. Based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore, "V for Vendetta" tells the story of a terrorist/freedom fighter raging against a totalitarian society. Portman plays Evey Hammond, a woman V saves from the secret police. She becomes his ally as she delves into his past and discovers herself in the process.
  6. "Cold Mountain" In this Civil War drama, Portman plays Sara, a young widow forced to raise her infant son alone. This is another smaller role for Portman, but every moment of her screen time is riveting, especially when she has a gun in her hands.
  7. "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" The third in the "Star Wars" prequels, Natalie's third turn as Queen Amidala is her strongest. Forced to watch as her lover is consumed by his hatred and begins turning into the most hated villain in the universe, Portman exudes a strong royal elegance that saves the character from becoming a stereotype.
  8. "Paris, Je T'aime" A series of vignettes each proclaiming their love for the city of lights, "Paris, Je T'aime" pops off the screen when Natalie Portman's "Faubourg Saint-Denis" segment begins. Ms. Portman plays Francine, an aspiring actress who falls for a blind man. Although only a few minutes long, it contains some of the most beautifully delivered dialogue of Portman's career.
  9. "Mars Attacks!" As campy as camp gets, "Mars Attacks!" is pure fun. Natalie Portman plays Taffy, one of the few people on earth who absolutely don't care that there are Martians landing on Earth.
  10. "Zoolander" Sure Natalie Portman only played a quick cameo role in this Ben Stiller masterpiece, but any list of the best Natalie Portman movies would be incomplete without this movie about self obsessed male models.
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