10 Best Natural Actress Boobs

Are you looking for the 10 best natural actress boobs? Coming up with a list of 10 actresses who still have natural breasts may be a little difficult in itself. Who knows for sure anymore? We've gone above and beyond to bring you a list of the 10 best natural actress boobs!

  1. Scarlett Johansson. When most men are asked to conjure up a list of Hollywood females with the greatest chest, Scarlett Johansson becomes a common denominator. Everyone can agree that this busty babe can not only act, she is luscious on the eyes. She has a classic beauty, which puts her head and shoulders above all the sleazy actresses today.
  2. Violante Placido. While this actress is mostly unknown to the American audience, you are about to hear a lot about her. This 34 year old co-star of "The American" is a smokin' actress in more ways than one. She is bound to make a few waves and stir up a bit of attention. That's why this relative unknown takes second place in the 10 best natural actress boobs.
  3. Selma Hayek. You knew she had to make the cut, right? While questions and debate still rise over Selma's acting prowess, there is no question about her jaw-dropping physique. Her girls have gotten more fame than her!
  4. Moon Bloodgood. Strange name, hot body. This rising star has rocked supporting roles in "Terminator Salvation" and "Burn Notice." Blame it on a hot mix of Irish, Korean and Dutch in her blood, but this woman has a body that'll take her places.
  5. Jennifer Tilly. The problem here is that there are a ton of rumors surrounding Jennifer Tilly's girls. Throughout the years, they have mostly been presumed to be real. But, they are also very hot and gravity defying for a 50 year old woman!
  6. Hilary Duff. From cute child actress to sultry singer, she even has a suggestive segment in "Maxim" worthy of anyone's collection. This 22 year old start is going places, and now she's of age so feel free to ogle all you want!
  7. Jessica Alba. Again, what list of the 10 best natural actress boobs would be complete without Jessica Alba? While she hasn't been as hot in the spotlight lately, she's still pretty hot!
  8. Kate Winslet. Look through enough reviews of this actress's career, and you are bound to find the word "edgy." This saucy 34 year old actress still has the body and boobs of a twenty year old, and she knows it.
  9. Eva Mendez. We have a proposition to make to the actress' bio writers to save time. Next to Eva Mendez, just put "sexy." This actress doesn't just have some of the greatest boobs around, she's got all the other curves, too. That's why she needs a spot on the 10 best natural actress boobs list.
  10. Jessica Biel. Jessica Biel has managed to keep perky breasts and the much-needed cleavage line because she takes care of herself. Stare too long at these mammas and she is likely to beat you down. But, who could blame you?

Once you start thinking about it, it's hard not to compile a huge list of celebrities with great natural boobs. Where fake boobs were once the norm, they seem to be phasing out of popularity. This list could truly go on for days, but we like to keep things simple and let you get back to your "alone time." 

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