10 Best Natural Boobs In Hollywood

While many actresses have turned to perfecting their figures via plastic surgery, many top names can be found on this list of the 10 best natural boobs in Hollywood. Many of the women on this list also have the talent to be known in Hollywood. So thank good genes and check out these lucky Hollywood starlets.  

  1. Scarlett Johansson. While an amazing actress, Johansson is also the owner of some of the biggest natural boobs in Hollywood. That’s right her 34DD's have no additives. She has a very old Hollywood style from back when curves were praised. She has yet to do a full on nude scene but you can catch quick flashes of her girl in many of her movies. She also did a “nude” (naked but thanks to some inventive positioning all the good parts where covered) photo shoot with Keira Knightley for "Vanity Fair" magazine in 2006.
  2. Salma Hayek. She’s best known for the TV show Ugly Betty. This actress also has some rather impressive natural 36C boob size. The fact that she has recently given birth hasn’t seemed to have affected her God given assets much. Her other recent roles include "The Vampire's Assistant" and "Grown Ups".
  3. Rebecca Romijn. While many of her recent film projects have stunk, who could forget Romijn’s performance in the "X-Men" trilogy. Her  role as Mystique is probably her most famous role and the fact that the only thing covering her 100% natural boobs was blue paint and scales might have had something to do with it. Rebecca Romijin, the best natural blue boobs in Hollywood.
  4. Jessica Alba. She’s come a long way from the child actress on the TV show "Flipper". In 2000 Alba stared in the TV show "Dark Angel" and showcased some of the best natural boobs in Hollywood. Although in 2003 not even her boobs could save the movie "Honey". The tight outfit she wore in "Fantastic Four" and playing a stripper in "Sin City" showed off her body’s natural assets enough to perk up her career.
  5. Halle Berry. A lot of the ladies on this list are women who have nice natural boobs and just happen to be able to act a little as well. Halle Berry happens to be an amazing actress with equally amazing natural boobs. Some of her movies that showed off both of her talents were "Swordfish", "Monster’s Ball", and "Catwoman."
  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hewitt is another former child star that filled out in all the right places naturally. Her work on "Party of Five" gained her grown-up star status. Hewitt’s had a sting of okay-ish movies and high-profile boyfriends that have kept her relevant. She returned to TV in 2005 to star in "Ghost Whisper" but the show was cancelled in May 2010.
  7. Angelina Jolie. Natural Hollywood boobs don’t get much better than Angelina Jolie’s in "Gia." While the known as one Jolie’s best performances or her career, it’s also known for displaying the for mentioned natural boobs.
  8. Heather Graham. This actress is known for playing roles that display her all natural boobs. In 2009 she played Jade, a stripper who breastfeeds during one of the scenes, in "The Hangover".
  9. Heidi Klum. Klum’s 36Cs boobs have such wonderful shape that many people simply assume they are implants. But her boobs are natural. While Klum is most known for her modeling career she has had a few acting roles that helped get her (and the all natural boobs attached to her) on the big screen.
  10. Jessica Simpson. While not the most talented or smartest lady in Hollywood, she does claim some of the biggest natural boobs around. Her 2005 role in "The Dukes of Hazzard" as Daisy gave her (and her boobs) big screen fame.
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