10 Best Natural Small Boobs

The 10 best natural small boobs are hard to pick out, because our society tends to adore those with mounds for chests. Nevertheless, there are those of us who are still on the "itty-bitty-titty-committee," and we love natural small boobs. In fact, the committee has put together the following list of best natural small boobs just for your viewing pleasure (well, not literally). We're sure those fans out there will be pleased with these small boobs.

  1. Jennifer Aniston. At 34B, Aniston's breasts are small, but cute. She flaunts her figure and gorgeous looks with ease, hardly even drawing attention to heritsy bitsy cans! Hats off to you Mrs. Aniston, we have no idea how you wear them so well.
  2. Jennifer Garner. Among the best of the best natural small boobs is Jennifer Garner's. Just take a look at this award winning actress' 34B's and you will know what we mean. As a side note, Garner's energetic personality matches her Aires designation.
  3. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen twins are more than just Christmas specials and fashion lines, they also have tiny boobs. Their identical 30A cups are so cute, but make us wonder just what the line between "adorable" and "childish" (gross). Mary Kate, having gone to rehab for anorexia, is an inch smaller on the waste than Ashley.
  4. Paris Hilton. Famously skinny and nearly boob-less, Paris Hilton is the heir to a vast fortune of money, hotels, and sex tape royalties. Her stunning looks and great acting career (not) have made her one of the best small-boob ladies out there.
  5. Cameron Diaz. Ms. Diaz has been active in acting since her first movie "The Mask" in 1994. Since then, her and those little B cups have been rocking Hollywood in teeny titty style.
  6. Judy Greer. Active in the film industry since 1997, and on constant watch by the "itty-bitty-titty-committee," Greer knows how to rock those small bee stings with pride. Her only vice? That older look (yet still salvageable).
  7. Reese Witherspoon. Ever since her breakout role as Dani in "The Man in the Moon," it has come to our attention that Ms. Witherspoon has very tiny breasts. Yet, these teensy knockers managed to amaze her former husband, and even get two kids out of him.
  8. Kate Hudson. This beautiful lady is gorgeous no matter what our oversized breast obsessed society thinks nowadays. Although no one has publicly released official statements of Hudson's cup size, most people agree it's a borderline "A." Regardless, Kate has some natural small boobs we'd like to see.
  9. Shakira. Mrs. Shakira Ripoll has commented on how she loves her natural small boobs. Although only sporting a B-cup, Shakira's beautiful face, hair, and voice have gotten her many places that big boobed bimbos couldn't even dream of.
  10. Kiera Knightley. This Pirates of the Caribbean co-starred along Johnny Depp, looking stunning compared to Jack Sparrow's ugly mug. Rock those natural small boobs Kiera.

Think of all of those natural small boobs. After long days at work, school, or the gym just listening to guys rant about women with huge racks, it's good to go home and see that some women still possess those cute, natural small boobs. These women are all amazingly beautiful, charming yet mysterious, and not weighed down by thousand pound jugs. Sometimes, big things really do come in small packages.

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