10 Best NBA Fights Ever

Reliving the fights on this list of the 10 best NBA fights ever is just as much fun as reliving the highlights from the greatest games ever played. There's something in us that loves to see a good fight, and the NBA never disappoints. From short exchanges to entire arenas getting in on the action, there is nothing more entertaining than seeing a good NBA fight.

  1. Pacers and Pistons, 2004. A fight so big, it changed the rules of punishment. Highly hated Pacer Ron Artest threw a punch at a fan after having a drink thrown on him and all hell broke loose. There were chairs thrown, fans and players punching each other, it was just awesome. Best NBA fight ever.
  2. Celtics and Pistons, 1987. Laimbeer took Bird down hard. Larry threw some punches on the ground. The two got separated, and then Bird threw the ball at Laimbeer's head. If you have a kid in sports, don't let them see this. But watch it yourself because it's a great NBA fight.
  3. Knicks and Heat, 1998. Who could not love seeing Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy getting dragged along the floor on the leg of Alonzo Mourning? No one. Van Gundy's mom was even laughing. Great playoff game, great fight.
  4. Lakers and Rockets, 1977. This is one of the best out of sheer unexpectedness. Center Kermit Washington was arguing with Rocket player Rudy Tomjanovich when all of a sudden Kermit punches Rudy in the face.
  5. Lakers and Bulls, 2002. Charles Oakley (Bulls) fouled Shaq (Lakers) hard, Shaq got mad and took a swing at the wrong person. He connected with no one, really, but it was still awesome.
  6. Knicks and Celtics, 1989. The first of many fights for Knick rookie Charles Oakley. He and Xavier McDaniels traded some punches. Most missed, but was still a great fight.
  7. Mavs and Cavs. Not such an amazing fight, but seeing Mark Cuban (Maverick's owner) storm the floor before realizing that he's a tiny man makes it top 10 worthy.
  8. Suns and Lakers, 1999. Another great ball-thrown-at-the-head scenario. This time, it was Charles Barkley throwing the ball at Shaq's head. A small but great NBA fight followed.
  9. Knicks and Bulls, 1994. This one is great for a couple of reasons. It was the playoffs, and the fight crashed into the seats right in front of NBA commissioner David Stern.
  10. Knicks and Spurs, 2001. Knick player Marcus Camby got angry with Spur player Danny Ferry and connected with a monster right hook… to coach Jeff Van Gundy. Van Gundy was going over to stop the two from fighting, and ended up with a bloody face, giving him a total of two appearances on the best NBA fights ever.
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