10 Best NBA Mascots

The 10 best NBA mascots are the best at what they do, and what they do is entertain people. These are the best of the best when it comes to crowd interaction, athletic feats, and taking peoples' minds off the fact that their team is losing by 25 points. These are the ten best NBA mascots.

1. Go the Gorilla–Phoenix Suns
Go the Gorilla was included in the inaugural Mascot Hall of Fame class, so that should tell you a little bit about this mascot. Go is famous for his dunks through rings of fire and is one of the few mascots known all over, not just by his home team demographic. That is why Go is at the top of the list when it comes to the ten best NBA mascots.

2. Rocky–Denver Nuggets
Rocky is most well known for his playful feud with NBA great Charles Barkley along with his acrobatic maneuvers and stealing sports coats from local broadcast announcers. Rocky is one of the ten best NBA mascots for his consistent ability to entertain and his various ways of doing it. 

3. Clutch–Houston Rockets Clutch is beloved for being a fat adorable bear who is involved in some crazy shenanigans. There aren't many other mascots with the cojones to pants a ref and that move alone makes Clutch one of the ten best NBA mascots.

4. Jazz Bear–Utah Jazz
Jazz Bear is known for two things, his charity work and his pyrotechnics. Jazz Bear is very involved in local charity work, which is enough to make him one of the ten best NBA mascots. He also entertains crowds with various mixes of pyrotechnics and acrobatics. Who doesn't like back-flips mixed with fire? 

5. The Coyote–San Antonio Spurs The Coyote is probably the goofiest looking mascot to make the ten best NBA mascots list. Despite this fact, he is still fun to watch, and like the Jazz Bear he is very involved in community work. The Coyote was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2007.

6. The Raptor–Toronto Raptors
The Raptor is one of the coolest looking NBA mascots, because everybody loves dinosaurs. What earned The Raptor a spot on the top ten NBA mascots list was because he ate a cheerleader. As in swallowed her whole. Look it up, you'll thank me.

7. Stuff the Magic Dragon–Orlando Magic This is quite possibly the best name for any mascot ever. While it would make more sense if Stuff the Magic Dragon looked a little less like the Phillie Phanatic and was blue instead of green, he is still a cool looking mascot who is fun to watch perform.

8. Benny the Bull–Chicago Bulls Benny the Bull has been around for over 40 years, and has consistently brought smiles to Chicago. He is also one of the best looking mascots as a bright red bull in a Chicago uniform. Benny is as well known among Bulls fans as Michael Jordan, which is quite a feat.

9. Harry the Hawk–Atlanta Hawks
Harry the Hawk's official position is listed as Center (of attention) and he pulls that role off. Whether it is by sledding down the stadium stairs or playing musical chairs, Harry keeps the crowd cheering.

10. Rumble the Bison–Oklahoma City Thunder
Rumble is the newest mascot in the NBA, but he has already made a name for himself. He was even named the NBA Mascot of the Year during his first year with the Oklahoma City Thunder. That's how to start your career with a bang.

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