10 Best NBA Moments Of All Time

The NBA has had some great moments, but here are the 10 best NBA moments of all time. Some are key shots in a game, others revolve around a moment. All share the distinction of being the greatest NBA moments in history.

  1. 1997 Bulls versus Jazz game six. returning from his retirement, Jordan wins his sixth championship by draining the final shot. Everyone remembers that moment where Jordan stood frozen with his hand in the air. The greatest ever.
  2. Jordan Return from retirement 1994. When the greatest ever left the game, it suffered. Jordan came back in the 1994 season. Everyone was lucky that he chose to return and give a few more great years.
  3. 1976 Boston Celtics versus Phoenix Suns game five. This is hailed as the greatest NBA game ever. It went into three overtime periods. The Suns ended up winning the game, but the Celtics won the series.
  4. 1980 game six, Lakers versus the 76ers. With Kareem on the sideline, Magic Johnson was able to help the Lakers win the game and the series. This is the stuff that legends are made of and is one of the best NBA moments ever.
  5. 1983 the 76ers win the NBA title. Dr. J, one of the best NBA players of all time, finally wins that elusive title. He finally got a teammate, Moses Malone, who could help him win the championship.
  6. 1981 Celtics and Bird win the finals. The rivalry of the Lakers and Celtics is what it is because of Bird and Johnson. Johnson won the title in 1980 while Bird won it back in 1981, so a rivalry was born.
  7. 2008 game six Celtics versus Lakers. One of the best rivalries in basketball was renewed. The Celtics were down 24 points in the third quarter and came back to win the game as well as the series. A true classic.
  8. 2003 The draft of Lebron James. After Jordan, the NBA was is need of another hero. Lebron James did just that. With his draft in 2003 to the Caveliers, James revitalized the league as the self appointed king.
  9. 2010 Lakers versus Celtics. The rivalry reheated, the Celtics looked like they could pull the upset, but the Lakers persevered. They won their sixteenth championship. Kobe Bryant lead the way to one of the greatest teams ever assembled.
  10. 2010 Lebron announced his move to Miami. Everyone watched this special on Lebron's decision about where he was going to go for the 2010 season. In a full prime-time special, James announced he would play with the Miami Heat alongside of Wade and Bosh. This trio is something truly special.
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