10 Best NBA Pump Up Songs

The ten best NBA pump songs can be played during team warm ups, or for added dramatic effect when the home team in being introduced. Basketball players and their fans run on a lot of adrenaline as it is, and these songs can bring that excitement to a new level. As you get ready to watch your favorite basketball team play, consider using one of the ten best NBA pump up songs to get you going.

  1. Usher featuring Li'l John – "Yeah!" (2004). All Li' Jon has to do is let out with one of his trademark "yeah!" shouts and you have one of the ten best NBA pump up songs ever. The song does not have much of a beat, but it has rhythm and gets the entire arena yelling "yeah!" along with it.
  2. Public Enemy – "Give it Up" (1994). Public Enemy has many basketball references in their music, but "Give it Up" has that beat that can make fans get up and dance. The chorus is something easy to repeat and that helps to make this one of the ten best NBA pump up songs around.
  3. Technotronic – "Pump Up The Jam" (1989). When the home team is putting together a rally and is sinking basket after basket, many arenas will turn to "Pump Up The Jam" (1989) to get the crowd into the game as well. The hypnotic drum beat and melodies make this one of the ten best NBA pump up songs of all time.
  4. White Zombie – "Thunderkiss '65" (1992). The energy that goes into a basketball game and the continuous action make "Thunderkiss '65" (1992) a perfect part of the list of ten best NBA pump up songs. The signature guitar lick that starts off the song leads into a driving beat that gets fans moving.
  5. Marilyn Manson – "The Beautiful People" (1997). From the moment the song "The Beautiful People" (1997) hit radio airwaves, basketball fans began adopting it as one of the 10 best NBA pump up songs. The continuous drum beat can be enough to keep the building rocking right up until tip off.
  6. Styx – "Renegade" (1979). This pump up song starts off with a sing-along verse that most basketball fans are already familiar with. Once "Renegade" (1979) gets going, it becomes a premier NBA pump up song.
  7. Li'l Wanye – "You Ain't Got Nuthin" (2008). This hit by Li'l Wayne takes smack talk to a new level and helps NBA fans verbalize their feelings about the opposing team. "You Ain't Got Nuthin" (2008) is rapidly becoming a staple in NBA arenas all over the country.
  8. Drowning Pool – "Bodies" (2001). A little whisper about bodies hitting the floor and then this entry into the list of ten best NBA pump up songs is on its way to getting the whole arena going. The driving guitar sound and vicious drum beat make this the perfect pre-game ritual for any NBA team and its fans.
  9. Nas – "Halftime" (1992). Fans at an NBA game enjoy getting pumped up by this smooth rap song from Nas. "Halftime" (1992) is from Nas' debut album and it has been a halftime fixture in NBA arenas ever since.
  10. Guns N' Roses – "Welcome to the Jungle" (1987). This was one of the biggest hard rock hits of the 1980's, and when 80's metal started to catch on in NBA arenas, "Welcome to the Jungle" was one of the first to make the list of 10 best NBA pump up songs.
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