10 Best NBA Shots Ever

Professional basketball players are know for many skills; some are/were great shooters and have contributed to the 10 best NBA shots ever. The best NBA shooters of the past and present somehow convinced most fans they could score points at will. Great shooters seem to hit shots in the face of pressure and defense just as easily as they do standing alone under the rim. This list will suggest ten of the best NBA shots ever.

  1. The 1970 NBA Finals game between the Knicks and the Lakers. In game five, the Knicks held a comfortable two point lead as the lakers took their last possession of the ball. L.A. Lakers Jerry West gets a pass in the back court and sinks a shot from beyond half court with three seconds left in the game, sending it into overtime.
  2. January 3, 1984, the Pistons against the Bullets. The bullets' Jeff Malone grabs a full court pass and scores an off balance shot at the buzzer as he falls out of bounds to the win this regular season NBA game.
  3. 1993, the Charlotte Hornets take on the Celtics in the NBA playoffs. The Hornets' Alonzo Mourning scores a jump shot at the buzzer to beat the Boston Celtics. It would mark the first series win in Hornets history.
  4. Game six of the Western Conference Finals, 1977. John Stockton hits a three pointer with seconds left in the game to upset the Houston Rockets and send the Utah Jazz to the NBA Finals.
  5. Game five of the 1986 Western Conference NBA Finals. Ralph Sampson upsets the L.A. Lakers when he unbelievably tips the ball into the basket for two points just before the buzzer to beat L.A. and send the Rockets to the nineteen eighty six NBA Finals.
  6. With one second left in the 1999 San Antonio Portland playoff game. The Spurs' Sean Elliott sinks two points while on his tip-toes to beat the Trailblazers and send the Spurs to their first NBA Finals ever.
  7. Game six of the 1993 NBA finals. Detroit Piston John Paxson guns the Phoenix Suns down with a precision three pointer to seal the deal with seconds remaining in the game. This three point shot is called by some, "The Best In NBA History."
  8. 1995, New York battles Indiana in the NBA playoffs. Indiana's Reggie Miller, the NBA's three point king propelled the Pacers to victory with back-to-back three pointers to spank the Knicks. Reggie scored eight points in under nine seconds.
  9. 2002, game four of the NBA Western Conference Finals. The Lakers' Robert Horry sinks a three pointer with eleven seconds left in the game to give the Lakers a win over Kansas City.
  10. Game five of the 2004 NBA Western Conference Playoffs. Derek Fisher sinks an unbelievable jump shot at the buzzer for a Lakers win over the San Antonio Spurs.

This list is a fraction of the hundreds of great shots from hundreds of great NBA players past and present.

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