10 Best NC 17 Rated Movies

This list of the ten best NC-17 rated movies is ranked in the order of which films made the most money in movie theaters. Enjoy!

  1. "Showgirls" ($20,350,754). Elizabeth Berkley starred in this 1995 film about a girl in Las Vegas who goes from a stripper to becoming a show girl. The film's steady amount of erotic sexuality caused the film to be rated NC-17. 
  2. "Henry & June" ($11,567,449). This movie is what started it all in 1990, as it became the first movie ever to be rated NC-17. This love triangle tale starring Uma Thurman was viewed as way too spicy for an R rating, and was originally going to be rated X. 
  3. "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" ($7,724,701). This romantic crime story had an impressive cast that included Tim Roth, Helen Mirren, and Michael Gambon. It wasn't just the nudity that caused the NC-17 rating, the violence was intense – including a scene depicting cannibalism. 
  4. "Bad Education" ($5,211,842). The successful Spanish writer/director Pedro Almodovar tackled a multitude of edgy themes that helped bring upon this film's NC-17 rating. This story included transsexuality and sexual abuse brought upon by Catholic priests. 
  5. "Lust, Caution" ($4,604,982). The title of this movie alone may have been a warning sign for the MPAA ratings board. This erotically-charged story, set in the 1940's in Shanghai while it was occupied by the Japanese, was deemed too sexually explicit to head out into theaters with a more marketable R-rating. 
  6. "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"($4,087,361). Pedro Almodovar pushed the boundaries again, this time writing and directing this film starring Antonio Banderas. It was originally rated X, but managed to get re-rated with a NC-17 after the distributor of the film took the MPAA to court. 
  7. "The Dreamers" ($2,532,228). This controversial film was set in the Paris, France of the 1960's. It's strong depiction of nudity, along with sexual seduction involving a brother and sister, caused it to be released with a NC-17 rating. 
  8. "Crash" ($2,038,450). This is not the American "Crash" that was released in 2004 with big ensemble cast. This 1996 film, starring James Spader and Rosanna Arquette, had a pretty intense premise, it was about people that get sexually aroused from car crashes. 
  9. "Bad Lieutenant" ($2,000,022). Harvey Keitel plays a drug-addicted police lieutenant that lacked any type of moral compass. This film contains very coarse dialogue, extreme drug use, and sexual violence. 
  10. "Wide Sargasso Sea" ($1,614,784). This film, based on a novel of the same name, takes place in Jamaica during the 1840's. It follows the sexual tension between a landowner and a Englishman who has recently arrived. 
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