10 Best New Female Artists Of 2010

The ten best new female artists of 2010 range in genre. Each one as unique as a snowflake. Some of them are pop princesses, others are country break through artists.

  1. Cheryl Cole. Sweet and full of pop. Cheryl Cole's hit "Fight For This Love" topped the charts. She is sure to continue her chart topping ways and her career is coming over the horizon. She certainly proves to be one of the best new female artists of 2010.
  2. Kesha. Loving to party and wanting to prove it, Kesha broke out onto the music scene with her hit "Tik Tok." Her album "Animal" is full of unique sounds. Her voice is unforgettable in its unique swagger. But how long with the party continue? For now, Kesha is one of the best new female artists of 2010, but can she make it to 2011?
  3. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Art and music aren't unfamiliar to this child of fame. Charlotte Gainsbourg's sound is folk meets modern alt. rock. But it wasn't until her collaboration with Beck in 2010, that she started to gain notice, making her one of the best new female artists of 2010. 
  4. The Like. All four of the ladies from "The Like" can be considered some of the best new female artists of 2010, as they're all getting recognition for their individualism and unique sound. With the gleam of doo-op and a hint of beach rock, they remain dark and modern.
  5. Hayley Williams. Lead singer of the band "Paramore", she broke away from the ground with her hit collaboration with B.O.B. The song "Airplanes" showcased Hayley's strong vocals. As well as her diversity, and paved the way for her to be one of the best new female artists of 2010.
  6. Elly Jackson. Lead singer of the group "La Roux," her vocals are full of life. In 2010 Elly showed her range with the clicky eighties hit "In It For The Kill."
  7. VV Brown. She can rap like nobody's business. However, her diversity with vocals and battles are to be revered. She hails from across the pond and will be making waves in the near future. Be on the look out for VV Brown, not only because she is one of the best new female artists of 2010, but because she'll be breaking ground in 2011.
  8. Ida Jo. Her voice is rich and deep. It only complements her violin which she plays with each track. The genre of country hasn't seen anything like it before and won't for a while. For that reason alone, she is one of the best new female artists of 2010.
  9. Dilana. Glamour rock at its best. She is decked out with tattoos and multi-colored hair. But her voice is classic and strong. Her music complements her voice and it lifts up each lyric.
  10. Lelia Broussard. She isn't new to the music scene. But with her album "Masquerade," released in 2010, she's shown how to evolve her sound successfully. She is considered to be a pop musician, but she resonates a hint of folk as well.
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