10 Best New Year’s Eve Wedding Destinations

Getting married is a pretty big deal, and the 10 best New Year's Eve wedding destinations will make the day even better. After the wedding, send your guests home, and enjoy the New Year in a fun, Winter destination.

  1. New Orleans. This southern wedding destination stays warm year-round. You can keep the party going all night long on Bourbon Street, or retire to a riverfront hotel room in the French Quarter.

  2. Las Vegas. Vegas weddings aren't all about quickie ceremonies with Elvis impersonators, but they are still cheap. The weather in Las Vegas also stays warm year-round, so a New Year's Eve wedding could get a little heated.

  3. New York City. Ideally, a winter destination wedding would be in warmer climates. However, New York City offers a winter wonderland charm that is perfect for a New Year's Eve wedding.

  4. Paris, France. This famed city of romance lights up on New Year's Eve. Consider a theme wedding to add to the elegance of New Year's Eve in Paris.

  5. Miami, Florida. Miami is one of the world's most famous party destinations. As a New Year's Eve wedding destination, Miami unique outdoor wedding venues that can be enjoyed year-round.

  6. Napa, California. A New Year's Eve wedding in the Napa Valley comes complete with breath-taking scenic views and world-class wineries for an elegant wedding.

  7. Hawaii. As a destination for a relaxing vacation, a Hawaii beach wedding can easily turn into a Hawaiian honeymoon. Tell your wedding guests to bring lots of cameras to this picturesque wedding destination.

  8. Costa Rica. This Central American destination is situated between the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Although there are a few logistics involved with an international wedding, Costa Rica is a beautiful Winter getaway.

  9. Ontario, Canada. Located along the banks of Lake Ontario, this Canadian destination also features Niagra Falls. Heavy winter snowfall will turn a New Year's Eve wedding into a winter wonderland destination.

  10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A destination wedding in Mexico is surprisingly inexpensive. This vacation destination features exclusive villas and resorts to accommodate any size wedding party.


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