10 Best NFL Draft Picks Ever

These are the 10 Best NFL draft picks ever. These are the picks that put their teams over the hump and helped them compete for the Lombardi trophy year after year, no matter how bleak the outcome looked.

  1. Peyton Manning – Picked first overall, Peyton has been dominating the league for years and cementing his status as one of the best picks ever. He has developed a reputation as a choker but he had one Lombardi trophy and a record that has since been broken. He is one of the best ever.
  2. Ray Lewis – In a draft full of stud WR such as Marvin Harrison, Keyshawn Johnson, and Terry Glenn, how is it that Ray Lewis made the reputation of the best draft pick? Simple, he was a field general for the best NFL defense to ever step on the grid iron and revolutionized the position.
  3. Tiki Barber – This one may not have won a Super Bowl but he was one of the most durable and versatile running backs in the history of the NFL. Tiki took an early retirement but for years he was the only good thing on a terrible team making a reputation for one of the best draft picks ever.
  4. Randy Moss – Randy is one of the greatest WR ever if not the best. How in the world did he slip down to pick 21? Well let's not worry about that. Instead let's worry about what date this best draft pick ever will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
  5. Donovan McNabb – In a draft where there were four sure thing QB's, McNabb is the only one who went on to have a good career which gives him status as one of the best. The Eagles boldly took him at pick two over Akili Smith and Daunte Culepepper but after Tim Couch. Now those three watch McNabb lead his team to the playoffs almost every season of his career.
  6. Jamal Lewis – What makes Lewis such a great choice? Well over his career he has been hot and cold but when he has been hot he's been one of the best. The highlight of this best draft pick's career has to have been when he rushed for over 2000 yards making him one of the very few.
  7. Shaun Alexander – Picked in the same draft as Jamal Lewis, Shaun may not have rushed for 2000 yards but he made history in his own way. Shaun had many consistent years and eventually broke out and set the record for most touchdowns by a running back. It has since been broken but hey, at least he is in the record books.
  8. LaDanian Tomlinson – Now it is time for the man picked one year later than Shaun Alexander and the man who eventually broke his record. LT is the best modern day running back and in his prime he was running touchdowns, catching touchdowns, and even throwing touchdowns. No question why he is one of the best draft picks ever.
  9. Dwight Freeney – One of the best defensive ends in the NFL, Dwight has made a name for himself as one of the best draft picks ever. He puts up double digit sacks almost every year and unlike most guys who do that he is not one dimensional. Dwight is also one of the best run stuffers.
  10. Troy Polamalu – Troy had a reputation for being a dirty player in college, but once he moved to the NFL her cleaned up his act and became one of the best draft picks ever. Ever since then there has been an ongoing debate over who is better, Troy or Reed. Well our money is on Troy.
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