10 Best NFL Wide Receiver Gloves

You're looking for the 10 best NFL wide receiver gloves. Wide receiver gloves have been a debate for a while now. Many critics say it gives too much of an edge to the players. They make your hands more of a sticky surface and this gives an advantage to who is wearing them. Now since they have become the norm in football you do not want the other player to have a leg up on you. Here are 10 of the best wide receiver sets of gloves that will see the pendulum slide back to your side and you will have the advantage.

  1. Nike Adult Vapor Trail 2.0 Receiver Gloves. Nike’s lightest gloves that have versatile options when it comes to how you where them. The cuff can be turned up or strapped locked down. This allows for your wrists not to feel locked in.
  2. Schutt Ion Red RB/WR Football Gloves. These gloves are known for their all weather grips. This means whatever Mother Nature throws at you as a player you will be prepared. They also have great impact absorption.
  3. Under Armour Blur Football Receiver Gloves. These gloves have some of the best ventilation. Under Armour has produced gloves that will let your hand breath as you make catches that take the crowds breath away.
  4. Cutters Home Original C-Tack Football Receiver Gloves. Updated look now giving wide receivers and running backs a stylish yet durable glove for a very reasonable price tag.
  5. Adidas PowerWEB Receiver Football Gloves. This pair of gloves has a double strap to keep the gloves firm on their hands. This will make the fit very snug and allow it to feel like you are not even wearing gloves.
  6. Reebok NFL Velocity Grip Running Back/Receiver Football Gloves. The best feature of these gloves is the independent thumb construction. This allows for more of a range of motion, which can be very beneficial to enhance your ability to hold onto the ball.
  7. Schutt DNA Red WR/QB/RB Football Gloves. A very interesting thing about these gloves is the perspiration blocker. This allows for your gloves to stay fitting firm and comfortable the whole game even as the pressure builds.
  8. Cutters Yin Yang C-Tack Football Receiver Gloves. One of the most interesting pieces of technology available for wide receiver gloves is on these gloves.  The grip never fades instead it is restored when the gloves are washed.
  9. Cutters 017X 3.0 Pro-Fit Football Receiver Gloves. If you are looking for better performance and do not mind replacing the gloves often these gloves are a good pick. One of the best out there on the market but they are not durable and you will find yourself replacing them quicker then other gloves.
  10.  Rawlings Vented Receiver Gloves. Some of the most affordable gloves on the market. They are durable and perform at a high level. Vented palm will keep your hands breathing and free from sweat.
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