10 Best NHL Pump Up Songs

The 10 best NHL pump up songs are heard in hockey arenas all over North America all winter long. Some of the best pump songs for a hockey game are driving metal songs, and others are classic hockey songs that strike a chord in NHL fans in every city. As you get ready to cheer for your favorite NHL team, make yourself a CD of the best NHL pump up songs and get ready to yell.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne – "Crazy Train" (1980). From the moment Ozzy Osbourne yells "all aboard!", this entry on the list of best NHL pump up songs gets fans on their feet and cheering. The steady beat is a great way to keep fans clapping and cheering the home team on.
  2. Stray Cats – "Rock This Town" (1981). When the home team is winning and fans want to show their support, there are few songs on the list of best NHL pump up songs that get them dancing more than "Rock This Town" (1981) by the Stray Cats. Rockabilly music and hockey seem to have an unspoken bond that makes many songs like this popular in NHL arenas.
  3. Blur – "Song 2" (1997). As soon as "Song 2" (1997) by Blur hit radio waves, it became an instant smash in NHL arenas. Fans love to sing along with the "woo hoo" chorus that is repeated throughout the song.
  4. Rednex – "Cotton-Eyed Joe" (1994). An American Civil War folk song re-worked by a Swedish pop group that looks like American mountain folks is a mainstay on the list of best NHL pump up songs. The feet stomping and hands clapping sounds on the record make an NHL want to stop their feet and clap their hands to motivate the home team.
  5. Bush – "Everthing Zen" (1994). The song "Everything Zen" starts off with a single guitar riff and then launches into a driving tune that has energy from start to finish. The band Bush became very popular in the Northeastern United States in the mid-1990's, and their song "Everything Zen" (1994) caught on as one of the best NHL pump up songs almost immediately after it was released.
  6. AC/DC – "Thunderstruck" (1990). NHL teams often use the AC/DC hit song "Thunderstruck" (1990) as background music when introducing the players before a game. The repetitive chant of "thunder" creates an audience participation song that pumps up the team and the crowd.
  7. Eminem – "Lose Yourself" (2002). Eminem's hit song "Lose Yourself" (2002) never lets go of its constant beat, and that makes it a very popular pump up song for NHL teams throughout the league.
  8. Stompin' Tom Connors – "The Hockey Song" (1973). "The Hockey Song" (1973) started out as a popular song played before Toronto Maple Leaf playoff games in the mid-1970's. Now that hockey fans all over the league have learned the lyrics, it has become one of the best NHL pump songs around.
  9. Pantera – "Five Minutes Alone" (1994). When the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup, they adopted Dallas-based heavy metal band Pantera as their unofficial group. The song "Five Minutes Alone" (1994) started off being played just at Dallas Stars games, and then branched out to other teams in the NHL.
  10. Queen – "We Will Rock You" (1977). Sometimes the whole song "We Will Rock You" (1977) gets played in NHL arenas, and sometimes the stomping feet and clapping hands that make up the beat are played on a loop to help get the whole crowd pumped up for the game.
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