10 Best Night Clubs In The Philippines

Here are the 10 best night clubs in the Philippines. The Philippines, composed of 1701 islands big and small, are three major island groups. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao make up the archipelago tourist destination and while most tourists might visit beaches, trek mountains, and jump over waterfalls some people would prefer to go out at night and check out the bars and pubs.

  1. Bom Bom Bar. Located near Station 1, Boracay, this bar is frequented by many Boracay locals. Instead of stools and couches, this bar uses beanbags and straw mats strategically placed on the seashore. The visitors can use these beanbags and straw mats to lounge near the beach while sipping their favorite drink.
  2. Pier One at MoonBay Marina, Subic Bay Philippines. This open club is situated near the ocean. The openness enables you to enjoy the sea breeze while listening to live music. Moreover, this bar often plays host to the country’s top music personalities.
  3. Hey Jude Bar. This club is located at D’ Mall D’ Boracay, Boracay, Philippines. With this bar, you get to sit near the beach on plastic lounge chairs while lounging you can enjoy a glass of your favorite drink. This club offers a wide variety of drinks from beers, to liquers, and to exotic blends.
  4. Club Bath located at 2456 F.B. Harrison Blvd., Manila, Philippines. This club is established with men in mind. Club Bath is a nightclub that is designed to provide men the kind of relaxation they need. In this club, they get to meet with friends, have some drinks and even work out. To enjoy the facilities of this club you must be a member.
  5. Cocomangas, Boracay Philippines. This place is perfect if you are with a huge number of friends. The place is spacious; you can dance on the dance floor without bumping into each other. This place is perfect for young tourists who want to listen to cool and hip music.
  6. The Library at 1779 M Adriatico St., Manila, Philippines. This bar is all about music. At The Library, you can listen to live music or sing to the karaoke machine. Moreover, you get to performs on the stage as well. This place is ideal for people who want to display their singing prowess.
  7. L.A Cafe at 1429 M.H. Del Pilar St., Manila, Philippines.  This pub is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you want to have snack after a late night, you can always drop by this bar. Breakfast is also served for the early birds. The menu is international with dishes from different countries.
  8. Club Embassy. This is probably the trendiest nightclub in the Philippines. This is pub is frequented by Manila’s elite as well as famous young artists in the film industry. When you go to this club, it is best that you wear your best night-out outfit.
  9. Vudu. This is night club is located at the heart of the Philippines and that is in Cebu. Like Club Embassy, Club Vudu is also frequented by Cebu’s elite and local showbiz personalities. This bar offers a wide array of cocktails and drinks along with live music.
  10. Bed Club, Malate. Malate is known for the pubs and bars. Bed Club is considered as the hippest and trendiest bars in the Malate area. People in this bar have different backgrounds. Men, women, and foreigners frequent this bar. Bed Club offers live music and an extensive menu.

Remember, just because its not in the top ten doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting. the Philippines is backed with vibrant nightlife and you shouldn't hesitate to indulge.

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