10 Best Nude Athletic Women

The 10 best nude athletic women are beautiful, talented and could probably kick your ass. From hard-assed (literally) judo champions to lithe gymnasts and fake soccer teams, the women on this list are fit, dedicated and proud. Have a gander and appreciate the tenacity required of these athletes to take their clothes off for the world to see.

  1. 2002 Brazilian Women’s Soccer Team–Turns out Playboy’s 2002 nude pictorial of the Brazilian national women’s soccer team wasn’t actually of a soccer team, but who really cares when you’ve got photos of a dozen naked Brazilian models washing each other in the shower, showing off their nation’s famous waxes. Bonus points to these lovely ladies for being the only women of color on this list. These hot-blooded South Americans are the best nude female athletes around.
  2. Nicole Reinhardt–Nicole Reinhardt might not be the most high-profile athlete in the world (kayakers rarely are), but all that time scrunched up in the boat made her body incredibly tight. She appeared in the German edition of "Playboy" in 2008 and the results were stellar. A cute girl-next-door in everyday clothes and a fierce athlete in the boat, Reinhardt is a sex goddess of Olympian caliber when tinted bronze and stripped of everything but a strategically placed paddle.
  3. Catalina White–Catalina White is a WWE wrestler and glamour model who appeared in what is billed as a sex tape, but what is really, as anyone with half a brain and a passing familiarity with internet porn can tell, is just a straight up opportunistic suck-penetrate-ejaculation video starring a young female model looking for well-paying work.
  4. Svetlana Khorkina–Russian gymnast Khorkina is one of the ten best nude female athletes not solely because of how jackable her smut pics are. In her storied career, the human pretzel won 27 international medals, meaning’s she both limber and creative. Here, here. 
  5. Anna Kournikova–Even men and gay and bi women who don’t fantasize about ravaging depraved Russians in a run down tenement building soaked in cheap Vodka want a piece of Kournikova. While the delectably fine and firm tennis star didn’t mean to pose for nude photographs when she went topless (and eventually bottomless, but alas, no bush in the shots) at a beach while on holiday, it happened and the world is thankful for that masterful spank material.
  6. Amanda Beard–Amanda Beard won a gold medal in swimming at age fourteen, though thankfully didn’t take all of her clothes off until she was into her twenties. Her nude photos for "Playboy" on the verge of the Beijing Olympics–her fourth appearance at the games–are some of the best nude female athlete photos around. Beard isn’t just physically fetching, she plays well with the camera.
  7. Gabrielle Reece–Olympian Gabrielle Reece appeared nude in "Playboy" in 2001 looking like a woman of myth ascended from the ancient bowels of the earth to make the knees and upright organs of mere mortal men tremble. Her tasteful sepia spread makes her one of the ten best nude female athletes.
  8. Romy Tarangul–Tarangul was the brunette response to Reinhardt’s blazing blond sensuality in "Playboy" Germany’s 2008 nude Olympian spread. Romy, only twenty years old at the time, bowed out of Beijing’s judo competition at its earliest phase, but the image of her suggestively roped at the wrist will live forever.
  9. Tatiana Grigorieva–Another day, another nude Russian gymnast. Actually, Grigorieva was an Australian pole-vaulter, but she sounds like a Russian gymnast, so no harm no foul. What makes her one of the ten best nude female athletes is that, unlike near everyone else on this list, Tatiana went full frontal for "Black & White Magazine" in 2000. Aw yeah, Doug.
  10. Tonya Harding–Tonya Harding will live forever as a conspirator in the extremely bizarre baton-smashing of fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan’s thigh, but for those looking for great nude female athlete footage, look no further than Harding’s honeymoon sex tape, leaked by her wicked skeezy ex-hubby.
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