10 Best Nude Bodies

If you're looking anywhere near Hollywood, you know it's easy to make a list of the 10 best nude bodies. Considering the microscope with which we examine celebrities today, it makes sense that everyone even remotely famous needs to have amazing nude bodies. As such, we're going to try and get women from every part of the entertainment industry in order to deliver to you a list of the ten best nude bodies in Hollywood.

  1. Kim Kardashian This reality TV starlet easily has one of the best nude bodies in Hollywood. Curvy hips, a flat stomach and amazing, natural breasts all spell out perfection on this "E!" star. Lucky for us, she's done the right thing and bared it all for "Playboy."
  2. Briana Lee This Chinese-Italian beauty seems to have it all. Her fierce almond-shaped eyes, large breasts and deep olive skin have made her a star of the import modelling circuit. She's only done nude modeling on her website, so here's to hoping that she gets inspired to change that.
  3. Milla Jovovich She started modeling at an early age in her native Ukraine and became an unstoppable force in the States since we saw her in "The Fifth Element." Fiery eyes, gorgeous hair and a body that would make Kate Moss green with envy. She's the only reason that the "Resident Evil" films qualified as "watchable."
  4. Maria Sharapova Living proof that Russia is amazing at exporting hot tennis players, Maria's got one of the best nude bodies in the world. Svelte, lean and with awesomely toned muscles to boot, she offsets everything with a gorgeous face and amazing assets. Finally, we've got a reason to watch women's professional tennis.
  5. Kelly Brook This amazing British model and actress might just be the most stunning woman on the face of the earth. Curvy hips, a brilliant smile and amazing natural 36DD breasts, she easily has one of the best nude bodies in the United Kingdom. Luckily, she's been appearing in more American titles, most recently in this summer's "Piranha 3D." 
  6. Marisa Miller A tall blonde with curves that could kill a man—of course, we're talking about Marisa Miller. She's been featured in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the annual swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated" more times than we can count, but she always leaves us begging for more. This all-American beauty definitely has one of the best nude bodies ever.
  7. Padma Lakshmi Who thought that the host of "Top Chef" would be a smoking Indian hottie? Luckily for us, Padma happens to be that woman with entrancing eyes, gorgeous ebony hair, mocha skin and more bends than the Mississippi. What's better than a hot woman, but a hot woman who knows her food?
  8. Ariadne Artiles It's really difficult to dispute the hotness of a skinny girl with large breasts. Ariadne is a super sexy Spanish model who fulfills these prerequisites and also has an alluring smile, captivating eyes and amazing hair. For these reasons, she's definitely the owner of one of the best nude bodies in the world.
  9. Scarlett Johansson The rebirth of the blonde bombshell, Scarlett's amazing curves and emerald eyes have been hypnotizing men for the better part of the last five years. She's breaking the stereotype of rail-thin women in Hollywood by showing off her natural curves in nearly every role she holds. This makes it all the more painful that she refuses to do nude scenes.
  10. Bar Rafaeli This Israeli model is pure perfect, easily having one of the best nude bodies ever. She's been featured in everything from "Sports Illustrated's" swimsuit issue to "GQ" with her captivating face and smoking body. Leonardo DiCaprio may well be the luckiest man alive for being able to call her his own. 
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