10 Best Nude Celebrity Scandals

The 10 best nude celebrity scandals combine two things that the public love: famous people and nudity. Many big stars have been caught without their clothes on doing naughty things down the years but every now and then a nude celebrity scandal comes along that keeps tongues wagging for years.

  1. Duchess of York. The relationship between Fergie and the Queen of England was on the rocks long before topless photos emerged of her cavorting with an American man. The snaps clearly displayed her best assets and revealed her love of toe sucking. 
  2. Vanessa Hudgens. She was America's sweetheart, a Disney channel star and a role model for young kids across America until nude photos of her swept the Internet. Hudgens was none too happy and Disney were not exactly thrilled and it became one of the biggest nude celebrity scandals in recent years.
  3. Britney Spears. Another one-time Disney star and role model fell from grace when the Britney no underwear pictures broke into the public domain. Britney had been acting a little strangely for some time so for many people it was not a huge shocker to see footage of her naked under carriage but it was one of the 10 best celebrity nude scandals. 
  4. Rihanna. She has had enough issues with Chris Brown off camera but her biggest on camera problems came with the release of her sex tapes. Men were pleased to get a close up look at her hot body but it didn't do much to enhance her wholesome image.
  5. Pamela Anderson. The Pamela Anderson sex tapes are still talked about today and it was not so much that they seemed out of character but rather that people genuinely wanted to watch them. Women liked to see Tommy Lee's legendary T-bone and men can't get enough of Anderson but for prudes it ranks as probably the biggest celebrity nude scandal of all time.
  6. Lindsay Lohan. There is not a celebrity scandal list that does not somehow involve Lindsay Lohan and her nude scandal rightfully takes its place in this top ten. The big busted movie star let it all out in a leaked sex video that showed every inch of her as she satisfied the needs of a male companion. 
  7. Carrie Prejean. What do you get if you mix California, homophobia and topless pictures ? You get the Carrie Prejean scandal. This was of the the 10 best celebrity news scandals because it involved protesters on both sides, Donald Trump and hot looking Miss Prejean without most of her clothes.
  8. Paris Hilton. This nude celebrity scandal added a new meaning to "a night in Paris." The naive Miss Hilton fell for the old trick of letting the sleaze bag film her naked and then got upset when the footage and photos burst into the public domain.
  9. Tonya Harding. She was once just a regular ice skater trying to win a gold medal at the Olympics but aside from the Nancy Kerrigan knee-capping scandal she also became embroiled in a nude celebrity scandal. Somehow a tape of Harding having sex with her ex leaked out and everyone got an eyeful of her boobs and butt.
  10. Vanessa Williams. Once upon a time nude celebrity scandals were not so common place as they are today and it was left to Vanessa Williams to kick start the whole nude scandal era. "Miss America" made the headlines when nude pictures of her apparently being pleasured by another female surfaced and all hell broke loose. 
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