10 Best Nude Celebrity Scenes

A list of the 10 best nude celebrity scenes focuses primarily on filming done for the big screen. While most celebrities don't make a practice of simply posing nude, there are a few notable exceptions. In each of the exceptional cases, the nude celebrity claimed to have been ignorant of the fact that a camera was present. Whether hip to the camera or not, the resulting film footage of celebrities makes the ten best nude list for famous folks. 

  1. Take Your Pick of Scenes in "Personal Best." This best nude celebrity film features actress Mariel Hemingway who portrays the bi-sexual sports star Chris Cahill in nude sex scenes with Patrice Donnelly. The direction of this film was by Robert Towne, but it's guaranteed that viewers are more focused on the nude scene action, rather than the dialogue or artistic camera angles. 
  2. The Love Scene in "Twilight." This 1998 film has nothing to do with vampires, but it has a lot to do with upper-body nudity. Famous actress Reese Witherspoon is featured with a bare upper body and also in a love scene that gives the audience a glimpse of her nude body. 
  3. The Make Out Scene from "Wild Things." Neve Campbell and Denise Richards star in this best nude celebrity scene that is a favorite for male viewers who enjoy women kissing other women, especially when both women are nude. With a title like this, it's hard to image that the focus of this film is on anything but gratuitous sex. For some viewers, that's the heart of excellent cinema. 
  4. The Boat Photo Shoot in "The Notorious Bettie Page." Gretchen Mol is all out there for the world to see in her roll as the infamous pinup queen Bettie Page. While the mid-century Page kept much of her dignity in tact with photos featuring a bit of leather and a pair of fishnet nylons, Mol, as Page, demonstrates Ms. Page certainly allowed her vital parts to be immortalized on print film. 
  5. Countless Scenes by Pamela Anderson. Ms. Anderson hits the list of the ten best nude celebrity scenes in too many movies to count, including "Barb Wire," and at least one home movie that was privately distributed by a former employee. Ms. Anderson just may hold the title as the "Queen of Nude Celebrity Scenes."
  6. The Don't You Want Me Back Scene from "The Break Up." Jennifer Aniston's totally nude, but only viewed from a rear shot. The full-rear nudity is for  Vince Vaughn's character who Aniston wants to impress. The idea is to make Vaughn see what he is missing. 
  7. The Angelic Dream Shot of the Young Girl in Bed from "American Beauty." Kevin Spacey plays a father lusting after his daughter's young friend. The nude scene is short and totally a figment of Spacey's own imagination. And what an imagination. When Stacey's character finally has the real-life opportunity to realize his dream, he comes to his senses to realize the consequences.  
  8. Full-Frontal Nude Scene from "Boogie Nights." This time the nude celebrity is Heather Graham and the scene involves movie sex with Mark Wahlberg who plays the character Dirk Diggler. Graham provides the featured shot during a love scene in this quirky film. 
  9. Frontal Nude Shower Scene from "Kentucky Fried Movie." If you're looking for a well-developed plot, don't expect it to find it in "KFM," but if you're looking for a scene with the nude Uschi Digard in a shower scene, this is the movie for you.
  10. The Nude and Proud Angelina Jolie.  A trio of scenes from "Gia," "Changeling" and "Wanted" all feature Ms. Jolie in her altogether. Fans of nudes with high-heeled shoes should check out "Gia." Angelina is not at all shy about her assets in any of the films. 
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