10 Best Nude College Athletes

There are many beautiful women in the 10 Best Nude College Athletes. There have been many athletes that have posed nude. These women are a compilation of college athletes who scored highest on the best nude college athletes.

  1. Heather Mitts. This blonde bombshell scores high on the best nude college athletes. She is a soccer player who has won the National Championship in 1998. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. Lauren Jackson.  With blonde hair and legs that go for miles, Lauren Jackson fits the list of Best Nude College Athletes. She is a basketball player. She has posed nude for the Australian magazine, Black + White. She is also known for posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.
  3. Lokelani McMIcheal.  Known as the youngest female in the Iron Man competition, Lokelani is one of the best nude college athletes. She is a triathlete. She models on the side of playing in competitions. She is known for doing layouts for Esquire and FHM.
  4. Danica Patrick.   With testosterone all around, Danica Patrick manages to stay sexy. She is part of the NASCAR sport. She is a sexy brunette who loves going fast. She has posed for FHM.
  5. Gabrielle Reece. Known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, according to Elle Magazine, she easily fits the spot of Best Nude College Athletes. She is known as the best ever volleyball player. This beauty is the captain of Team Nike.
  6. Amanda Beard.  This busty brunette easily fits the best nude college athletes list. She is known for swimming. She was in the Olympics in 1996, where she won a silver medal.
  7. Maria Sharapova.  This beautiful Russian, tennis player is a hit. She is seen all over the Internet posing nude. She became a professional tennis player in 2001. She stands at six feet and two inches tall.
  8. Susen Tientke.  With her blonde hair and model body, Susen deserves to be on the list of Best Nude College Athletes. She has posed for Playboy in 2004. She is known for track and field.
  9. Mia St. John  This boxer and Tae Kwon Do player is a fine brunette. She posed for Playboy in 1999, with an eleven page spread. She won the IFBA Lightweight Championship.
  10. Ashley Harkleroad.  Being the first WTA tennis player to pose for Playboy, she deserves recognition as one of the best nude college athletes. She become a pro tennis player in 2000.
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