10 Best Offensive Line Coaches

The 10 best offensive line coaches have done a great job teaching their players to protect their quarterbacks and open up holes for their running backs. These coaches have all earned their reputations and their spots on the list of the 10 best offensive line coaches:

1. Mike Munchak – Tennessee Titans. Mike Munchak earned not only a place on the list of the 10 best offensive line coaches, but also a spot in the Hall of Fame as an offensive lineman. He has consistently pushed his players to the best of their abilities, helping to make the Titans' offense potent.

2. Pat Flaherty – New York Giants
. New York has consistently had success running the ball thanks to the work of Pat Flaherty. Flaherty teaches his players great techniques, which is why you rarely see this offensive line pushed back.

3. Howard Mudd – Indianapolis Colts
. Howard Mudd has been coaching for over 33 years, and more than ten of those years have with the Indianapolis Colts offensive line. He earns his spot as one of the ten best offensive line coaches for the consistent protection that Peyton Manning receives. He is great quarterback, but it helps when he has time to throw the ball thanks to Howard Mudd's coaching.

4. Juan Castillo – Philidelphia Eagles. Juan Castillo has put in hard work to earn his spot on the list of the ten best offensive line coaches. It is because of his hard work in coaching that the offensive line that Philadelphia has become well known for its explosive running game. Even great running backs can't gain yards if they don't have good blocking.

5. Pat Morris – Minnesota Vikings. Pat Morris had his offensive line prepared for when Brett Favre came into town. Favre had one of the most successful years of his career behind Morris' offensive line, which is why Morris is one of the ten best offensive line coaches.

6. Hudson Houck – Dallas Cowboys. Hudson Houck is best known for transforming the San Diego Chargers' offensive line from pitiful to intimidating. He is now using his skills to bolster the Dallas Cowboys offensive line, allowing Tony Romo plenty of time to pass to Miles Austin and others.

7. Dante Scarnecchia – New England Patriots
. Dante Scarnecchia is not only one of the ten best offensive line coaches, but one the best assistant head coaches in the league. He is the man behind Bill Belichick and a large part in New England's success over the years.

8. Bill Callahan – New York Jets. Bill Callahan, like Dante Scarnecchia, is an assistant head coach along with an offensive line coach. He has had great success with his players, and in 2008 three members of his offensive line were chosen to the Pro Bowl. Those players were Alan Faneca, Nick Mangold, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

9. John Matsko – Baltimore Ravens. John Matsko has been somewhat of a journeyman throughout his NFL coaching career, but he always seems to bolster offensive lines wherever he goes. It is his constant improvement that makes him one of the ten best offensive line coaches.

10. Sean Kugler – Pittsburgh Steelers
. Sean Kugler has struggled a bit in the NFL, but his overall resume as an offensive line coach is a strong one. He helped to develop one of the best lineman in the NFL in Ryan Clady while he was with Boise State. Sean Kugler has been brought on to the Steelers' coaching staff in the hopes that he can make some great players out of their offensive line.

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