10 Best Old Cheap Cars

Here are the 10 best old cheap cars. While a brand new car might be a fresh and shiny way of flaunting money, they suffer from a huge depreciation hit the second you drop them off the lot. There is just something special about an old cheap car. Sure they require more maintenance and they don't exactly exude success, but sometimes you just want a beater car that is fun to drive and you don't have to worry about where you park it. The best old cheap cars are all known for their reliability and some even offer a bit of driving fun.

  1. Honda CR-X. This hot hatchback boasts Honda reliability and is actually a lot of fun to drive due to it's low curb weight that barely tops 2,000 pounds. Essentially this is a street-legal go-kart that is cheap to maintain.
  2. Toyota Corolla (E80). The fifth-generation Corolla was made from 1983 through 1987 and is one of the best cheap old cars, as it was made during the peak of Toyota's reliability. While future Corollas improved upon safety and offered more creature comforts, this vehicle keeps it real and has very few doo-hickeys to break.
  3. Chevrolet Blazer S-10. A mid-side SUV from when mid-size still meant mid-size. This vehicle was always living in the shadow of the more successful Ford Explorer, but the 4.3 Liter V-6 engine in the S-10 Blazer is virtually bombproof making it one of the best old cheap cars you can find.
  4. Honda del-Sol. This mid-90s targa-top vehicle can be had for as little as a few thousand dollars and parts are readily available as it was based on the venerable Honda Civic architecture. 
  5. Ford Mustang (SN-95). It's a Ford, so parts are cheap and easily available for the mid-90's iteration of this pony car. This sports car makes the list of best cheap old cars if for no other reason than it looks rather exotic, as well. This car is the trashy blonde at the bar: Cheap, fast and fun just watch yourself under the hood as you could feel a burning sensation.
  6. Pontiac Fiero. Pontiac's little mid-engine experiment did not work out to well for them, but their loss is your gain. You can own one of the best old cheap cars for as little as two thousand dollars and you can be sure that you will have the only one in your neighborhood.
  7. Toyota MR-2. The first-generation of this Toyota sports car is about as 1980s as they come. Toyota used to make cars that were fun to drive and this contender for the title of best old cheap cars proves this point. How did they go from this little racing monster to the jelly bean shaped Camry of today and that annoying little brat from the Highlander commercial? Toyota is the new GM, so buy vintage.
  8. Jeep Cherokee. These boxy SUVs can be had for next to nothing nowadays and they remind us of everything an SUV should be: practical and rugged.
  9. Volvo 240. The ubiquitous quasi-yuppie car of the 1980s is now one of the best old cheap cars you can find. These things also run forever.
  10. Yugo. The Yugo entered the American car market in the late 1980s as the cheapest vehicle available. While these cars are not known for reliability, they are based on the Fiat 128, making parts readily available. Why is this one of the best old cheap cars you may ask? It is an original choice and you will probably be the only person in your area to own one. 
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