10 Best Old Cop Movies

If you love watching cop movies, then you must know the 10 best old cop movies. Although there are plenty of new cop movies available, they aren’t as classic as these old cop movies.

  1. "Lethal Weapon" (1987) Two LAPD detectives, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, have opposite personalities who are working as a team. Their differences created all sorts of interesting scenes throughout the movie.
  2. "Rush Hour" (1998) The crime lord, Tom Wilkinson, has committed these two crimes: He is the mastermind behind the kidnapping of the Chinese consul’s daughter. He is also the smuggler of numerous Chinese cultural artifacts. Hong Kong detective Jacky Chan and Los Angeles detective Chris Tucker are teaming up to bring Wilkinson to justice. Chan’s stunning action and Tucker’s hilarious humor are definitely amazing.
  3. "Above The Law" (1988) Two Chicago police detectives, Steven Seagal and Pam Grier, are investigating a political assassination along with a CIA corruption. Seagal’s fight scenes are absolutely incredible.
  4. "K9" (1989) San Diego police detective James Belushi adopts a police dog, Jerry Lee, as his partner to arrest the major international drug dealer. At first, Belushi and Lee have a hard time getting along with each other. Lee is shot near the end of the movie. After recovering from the gun shot wound, these two buddies and their girlfriends go on a well deserved road trip to Las Vegas.
  5. "Turner and Hooch" (1989) California police investigator Tom Hanks adopts a dead man’s dog named Hooch to locate the murderer. Towards the end, Hooch is shot to death by the murderer suspect. Although Turner can’t see Hooch anymore, Hooch’s son is born.  
  6. "Police Story" (1985) Hong Kong police detective Jacky Chan encounters plenty of obstacles on the way to arrest a drug gang. The gorgeous key witness, Brigitte Lin, refuses to cooperate with Chan. In addition, Jacky’s girlfriend, Maggie Cheung, is giving him a fairly rough time to make things go smoothly. The scenes are pretty intense while very entertaining.
  7. "Pantyhose Hero" (1990) In order to uncover a homosexual serial killer in the gay community, two Hong Kong cops, Sammo Hung and Alan Tam, must pretend to be gay. Due to their decent acting, no one actually knows that Hung and Tam are heterosexual.
  8. "Crime Story" (1993) Jacky Chan is a Hong Kong cop who goes undercover to investigate a kidnapping case. If you want to catch all the stunning fight scenes, Chan will satisfy your desire.
  9. "Out for Justice" (1991) Brooklyn cop Steven Seagal finds out that his old buddy, Jay Acovone, is murdered by the drug dealer William Forsythe. Coincidentally, Forsythe is the long time enemy of Seagal and Acovone. The murder hunt turns into a violent rampage between Seagal and Forsythe.
  10. "Beverly Hills Cop" (1984) Detroit cop Eddie Murphy is witty and funny, and loves doing businesses in his own way. Although his boss keeps yelling at him for all his trouble, he won’t follow the traditional cop rules. In order to find the murder suspect of his long time buddy, Murphy must pretend to visit Los Angeles for vacation.
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