10 Best Old TV Game Shows

It's hard to whittle down the 10 best old TV game shows, but we'll give it the old college try. Anyone who loves vintage TV will love watching the glamorous stars of the old game shows testing their wiles against audience members or even themselves. Come along and take a tour through the old days as we count down the 10 best old TV game shows.

  1. The Gong Show. Although this show was a lightweight during the time it was on, it makes for a pretty funny viewing these days. A prelude to every bad variety show every produced, Chuck Berris was the host some of the worst acts every on TV, including Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.
  2. The Match Game. With host Gene Rayburn directing the comedic action, a contestant needed to match the answers with six celebrity guests in a fill-in-the-blank question. Considered one of the earliest (and possibly raciest of the time) old TV game shows, this one is certainly good for some laughs.
  3. Let's Make a Deal. Monty Hall presided as the master of ceremonies for this mix between a costume party and a game show. With the most outrageous costumers usually selected, Mr. Hall would offer all sorts of cash and prizes behind "Door #1, #2, or #3." 
  4. Jeopardy. For those brainiacs out there, there's not a better TV game show every made. With columns of sometimes obscure questions, Alex Trebek moves the show at a fast pace and offers some wit to boot.
  5. The Price is Right. Hosted for four decades by the granddaddy of TV hosts, Bob Barker knew how to get the folks to "Come on down" to a host of great prices and liquid cash. Who didn't secretly wish to be selected from the audience to join those players in "Contestant Row" and ultimately run on stage to possibly win a car and spin the Big Wheel for the final showcase. Now. that was (and is) an oldie but a goodie TV game show!
  6. The Newlywed Game. The Newlywed Game was definitely considered the bawdiest, raciest game show on TV by pitting three newlywed couples against each other in answering a series of questions. The word "Whoopie" took on a new connotation when a newlywed was asked to describe "the most interesting place you've ever made whoopie." The fun really started when the husband's answer differed from the wives (and she wasn't the one he was talking about)…
  7. The Dating Game. In this risque game show of old, a bachelor or bachelorette lobbed questions at three contestants who were judged on how good their answer was in the eyes of the chooser. The winners were rewarded with an all expense date for two. There were many enjoyable answers, and a few surprising ones on The Dating Game.
  8. Win, Lose, or Draw. Based loosely on the game Pictionary (with a little charades thrown in), this humorous show pitted celebrities against contestants as drawings were made of catchy phrases. The show drew loads of laughs but not a large audience following.
  9. Password. With Allen Luden leading as emcee and various celebrity guests playing with ordinary folk, the laughs are every minute. Betty White, who is experiencing her own resurgence today as an 88 year old star was a frequent guest. The connection she had with her husband, Mr. Ludden, is obvious and sexual inuendos flow throughout the game play.

    And, with a drumroll please, the best old TV game show ever has to be:

  10. Tic Tac Dough. Although this show had three different runs from 1950 until 1990, the most popular version was hosted by Wink Martindale. This riot a minute show pitted nine celebrity guests (such as Charlie McCarthy, Betty White, Miss Carlisle and a host of others) against two contestants who had to guess if their answers were true or false to win the square. Although there were canned jokes, some of the funniest stuff is the adlibs by Charlie, a master at quick wit and racy answers.
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