10 Best Online Computer Games

Online gaming has exploded over the past decade so that it is now it is almost required for new computer games to have an online option, but before we could get to this point, the games on this list of the 10 best online computer games had to do their thing. Each of the games on this list of the 10 best online computer games proved to be not only popular, but revolutionary in a way that drove people to purchase high-speed connections and high-end graphics cards. Without any of these 10 best online computer games, the current state of online gaming would certainly be quite different.

  1. "World of Warcraft." Obviously at the top of any list of the 10 best online computer games you will find the game where 12 million players pay to play. Revolutionary in letting casual players access the MMORPG genre, "World of Warcraft" does just about anything right.
  2. "Starcraft." People played this game professionally in Korea for almost a decade, before the sequel came out. Stadiums were packed for tournament finals. That says all that needs to be said about "Starcraft."
  3. "Counter-Strike." One of the most popular online games in history, and one of the 10 best online computer games ever, started as a modification for "Half-Life." Eventually the game grew enough of an audience to be released as its own game.
  4. "Diablo 2." Blizzard games feature heavily on this list of the 10 best online computer games, simply because they are fun to play. No game exemplifies that statement more than "Diablo 2." It is essentially a hack and slash game, but with awesome graphics and a sweet item system, it'll keep you enthralled for hours.
  5. "Battlefield 1942." "Battlefield 1942" is an online shooter game based in WWII that features a more cooperative focus than other games in the genre. The game has remarkable graphics and gives you a very realistic experience.
  6. "Age of Empires 2." "Age of Empires 2" was not the first RTS game on the market, but it is definitely one of the best of all time. Amazing graphics, especially for the day, and balanced gameplay kept people playing for days on end.
  7. "Guild Wars." One of the first CORPGs (competive online role-playing games), "Guild Wars" focuses on player vs player combat, while still having a light RPG element. It managed to combine both worlds into a truly satisfying game.
  8. "Team Fortress Classic." The second modification game to make this list of the 10 best online computer games, "TFC" proves that sometimes gamers just know what they like. This FPS games features a few simple classes and some well-rounded maps to create one of the best multiplayer experiences out there.
  9. "Warcraft 3." "Warcraft" was always a big player in the RTS genre, and "Warcraft 3" feature the culmination of the successful line of games. "Warcraft 3" brings in hero units and map manipulation to give more depth to the RTS genre.
  10. "Civilization 4." Turn-based strategy games don't show up much on this list of the 10 best online computer games, but perhaps because once "Civ 4" came out it was pointless to continue in the genre. "Civ 4" is an almost perfect game featuring rich gameplay, an intelligent UI and a fun multiplayer experience.



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