10 Best Online Sword Fighting Games

Browsing the web for the ten best online sword fighting games? Players can choose from single player games, downloadable games, role playing games (RPG) or multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG).  The 21st century has takend the graphics and sophistication of online games to new heights. Gamers can immerse themselves in these fun online sword fighting game options.

  1. "Jedi-vs.-Jedi Blades of Light" This fun free game features surprisingly realistic graphics. The fighters are literally action figures. The somewhat cheesy feel of this game can be overlooked by the detail of the game. The website is spyware free which means gamers can play this online sword fighting game safely.
  2. "Fallen Sword" Gamers will enjoy this multiplayer online role playing sword fighting game. Expect to play this game totally free with no advertisements. Many of the players are hardcore, therefore be prepared for stiff battle and epic sword fights.
  3. "Barbarian Warrior" This online sword fighting game can be played as a one or two player game. The goal is to kill the sorcerer and rescue the princess. The graphics are not the greatest but it is still an excellent game. It is completely free of charge to play—it uses Adobe flash so there's no need to download it.
  4. "Age of Conan" This fun multiplayer role playing online sword fighting game is based in a fantasy land. Players create characters, choose land, and gain power. This game is available online as well as on XBOX 360.
  5. "Sword Epic Fighting Game" Players will enjoy defeating the demon in this game. It features 8MB of game playing excitement.  Defeat all five levels to conquer this online sword fighting game.
  6. "Adventure Quest Worlds" This huge multiplayer role playing game promises to be addictive.  Adventure Quest offers players the opportunity to play completely online without any downloads.  It is free to join even though there is a charge for upgrades.  Sword fighting abounds in this online game.
  7. "Ninja Brawl" This game is designed with an arcade style in mind.  Use the computer keyboard to control the game. It is completely free to play and it beat playing solitaire. Online sword fighting game enthusiasts will love the simplicity of this game.
  8. "Sword Tournament" This game features slash and thrash as players attempt to retrieve the sacred sword. These games are also flash based games. They are also free of charge. They post directions for control because it can be a little confusing. This is an excellent game for repeat players.
  9. "Slide Sword" Gamers are able to download this game for free.  This game is set apart by the fact that the player uses the sword to attack enemy spaceships. While this may sound really lame, the game is actually enjoyable. Do not expect music with this galactic game.
  10. "Sword of the Samurai" The final online sword game is also available as a download.  This RPG game offers players an increasingly difficult game as the levels increase. Players conquer and “dishonor” their rivals while gaining land and other items.
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