10 Best Ontario Weekend Getaways

For those who are tired of the week’s routine, nothing could be more refreshing than spending the weekend at one of the 10 best Ontario weekend getaways.

  1.  Niagara-on-the-Lake. This beautiful and picturesque town situated at the south of Lake Ontario is one of the best Ontario weekend getaways. Whether you want to spend a weekend enjoying the scenic beauty of Niagara, have wine tasting and culinary expedition, enjoy art and theater at the Shaw Festival from April to November, or have a spa getaway, you can have it all at Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  2. Georgian Bay Shoreline. Ontario is famous for its waterways. Those who are interested in water sports such as kayaking, fishing, etc could have a wonderful time at the Georgina Bay Shoreline. Other than the world’s largest fresh water beach, the Wasaga Beach, this place also has national parks such as Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five, a marine conservation area. You can enjoy horseback riding, wines, theater etc based on the time of your visit.
  3. Cottage Country. For a wine and culinary weekend getaway no other place could best Cottage Country. You could have a taste of traditional Muskoka fare at Sherwood Inn, or enjoy the cuisine at Riverwalk, Bracebridge. In autumn you can enjoy the cranberry season at the Bala Cranberry Festival. For outdoor sports you could go to Collingwood. You won’t run out of options here in Cottage Country.
  4. Toronto. Probably the most famous of the Ontarian cities, Toronto is rich in art, history, and architecture. You can visit Art Gallery of Ontario to view the works of Canadian artists or go to Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art for view of ceramics. Entrench yourself in the near thousand festivals that Toronto hosts or enjoy music at the Royal Alexandra. A couple of days will hardly be enough.
  5. Pelee Island. If you like outdoors, would like to go hiking, bird watching, or cycling, this is the place for you. You have bicycling trails, walking trails, wineries, heritage centre, and a museum. A variety of options for an outdoor Ontario weekend getaway.
  6. Ottawa River. If you like white water rafting, have your fun here in one of Canada’s major water transportation routes. The upper river has its fill of exciting rapids especially during the spring when the water level is high. At other times such as summer you may also enjoy kayaking and canoeing.
  7. Windsor. Another place famous for its commercial wineries is Windsor, the southernmost region of Canada. You can enjoy wine making stories and take a look at distilling or even participate in artisanal cheese making.
  8. Richmond Hill. If you have a passion for stars (who doesn’t), visit this town which has Canada’s largest telescope (optical) at the David Dunlap Observatory. Or take a walk back in time at the Late Woodland archaeological dig site. You could also have a golf weekend at the town’s renowned golf courses at clubs such as Angus Glen.
  9. Niagara Falls. Visiting the world’s most famous waterfalls would certainly provide for a memorable Ontario weekend getaway. But that is not all. You could go for a drive on the Niagara Parkway or if it is between May and October enjoy the free fireworks over the Falls every Sunday and Friday.
  10. Merrickville. If you want to take a look at a nineteenth century village, Merrickville, home to more than 100 heritage properties, is your place. The best attraction would be the restored authentic blockhouse which is part of the Rideau Canal system. It even has a moat and drawbridge. What more could you ask for?

Whether you want to indulge in culinary delights and wines, go for hiking and cycling, enjoy arts and theater, or lose yourself to scenic beauties, these Ontario weekend getaways are great for all.  

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