10 Best Opera Singers

People who like a bit of high brow culture are likely to be more than familiar with the 10 best opera singers. Operas have been around for centuries and have always attracted folks who like to listen to great music and enjoy the spectacle of the world's greatest singers telling tragic tales of love and war. The 10 best opera singers come from every part of the globe and reflect the truly international appeal of the operatic world.

  1. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. She may have an odd sounding name but there is nothing odd about her amazing voice. Kanawa was recognized for her long and successful career when she was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II. Not a bad feat considering that Kanawa lives thousands of miles from the Queen in New Zealand. 
  2. Placido Domingo. Now that Pavarotti has passed away, Domingo is probably the most famous male opera singer in the world. He has a deep and powerful voice for a short fellow and dispite his stature he is one of the biggest stars in Spain. He performed alongside the late great Pavarotti many times but he can sell out opera houses all on his own. 
  3. Montserrat Caballe. She was one of the stars of the Barcelona Olympics of 1992 when her duet with Freddie Mercury became a big hit. They may have been an unlikely due but they were both stars in their own right. Montserrat Caballe looks like the stereotypical over sized opera singer but her talent is apparent for all to hear. 
  4. Andrea Bocelli. He hails from Tuscany in Italy and shares his last name with the famous renaissance artist from the same region but his talents are best displayed on stage rather than the canvas. He is fast becoming as popular in mainstream music circles as he is in the opera scene and he is without doubt one of the 10 best opera singers in the world.
  5. Sarah Brightman. She was married to a man who knows a thing or two about music: Andrew Lloyd Webber. The marriage didn't last but her because she is one of the best opera singers in the world her CDs are still selling. She is no longer as active on stage as she once was but remains Britain's finest singer. 
  6. Sissel Kirkjebo. She is a Norweigan sensation and aside from her singing talents she is also among the 10 hottest opera singers in the world. Dark haired, slim and beautiful, she has the voice of an angel. 
  7. Carmen Monarcha. She comes from a country best known for soccer, bikini waxes and beach volleyball but Carmen Monarcha is quickly turning Brazil into a country of opera lovers. She is small and slender with long dark hair but her voice carries across the biggest auditoriums to the delight of her fans. 
  8. Malena Ernman. Another blonde opera singer from Sweden who looks a lot sexier than most although the amount of hours she obviously spends in the sun has taken it's toll on her skin. A popular singer in Europe although she has yet to make a name for herself on the world stage. 
  9.  Jose Carreras. He sung alongside his compatriot Domingos and the Italian superstar Pavarotti on many occasions and was perhaps overshadowed by that more famous duo. He deserves the spotlight himself though because he is one of the 10 best opera singers in the world.
  10. Katherine Jenkins. One of  two singers from the British Isles to make the list of the 10 best opera singers but she is the highest earner. Opera singers are not known for their sex appeal but Katherine Jenkins has certainly bucked that trend and is frequently photographed in the tabloids. Fortunately she has the talent to match her looks and is set to have a long opera career.
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