10 Best Paintball Guns Markers

The list of the ten best paintball gun makers all over includes names which have been consistently providing paintball enthusiasts with quality paintball markers and other related products for many years. Let’s take a look at some of the top names in that list.

  1. Air Gun Designs or AGD. Headed by the amazing Tom Kaye, this company has been, for many years now, designing and making top notch paint ball markers or guns. Some of their best products are Tac-One, RT Ule Custom, etc and all of these are available for purchase from their online store.
  2. Brass Eagle. If you’ve been a paintball player for some years now and have heard of names like Striker, Talon, Saber, Raider, T-Force which are all names of various gun designs, then you have heard of Brass Eagle, one of the pioneering Paintball Gun makers in the country.
  3. JT Products. Also known as Empire Paintball, this company offers the entire range of paintball accessories and markers. Some of its most popular guns are ER3 marker and the JT Stealth Covert Ops marker.
  4. Kingman Paintball. These guys have been making awesome paintball guns since 1992. Back then they started with the Hammer Series Pump Action guns after which they revolutionized the paintball sport industry with their trademark Spyder Semi-Automatics and then the Spyder E-Series.
  5. PMI or Piranha Markers. These markers come quite cheap and are ideal for those who are beginners in the paintball sport. Some of their good guns are Black Maxx, Piranha G2, Piranha Pro, etc.
  6. Indian Creek Designs. Any one in the paintball business would have heard of the famous Bushmaster series of guns. ICD is the company that started it which also led to the production of the now famous Bushmaster 2000 paintball gun.
  7. WDP or Angel Paint Markers. This company is one of the biggest one sin England and is solely responsible for providing the British with A-Grade Paintball equipment ever since it came to be taken seriously. WDP is also famous for coming up with the Angel Series of Electropneumatic markers.
  8. BT Paintball. These were the first people to come up with markers that actually looked like serious assault weapons, like those someone from G.I. Joe would use. The famous BT-4 Ironhorse is their brainchild.
  9. DYE Precision. These guys made it to the list of 10 best paintball gun makers because of their consistency in making really good spool valve guns. The DYE Matrix and Proto Matrix series have both created cult followings.
  10. Smart Parts Paintball. Now known as White Hat, this company was the first distributor of their in house product, the Shocker series of markers.

This list includes the 10 best paint ball gun makers and is not numbered according to any ranking system. This is because different players have different styles of shooting and the shooting itself

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