10 Best Paintball Marker Barrels

The 10 best paintball marker barrels are a combination of superior design and workmanship, durability, with a wide price range to accommodate the budget of any paintball player. If you are thinking about purchasing a paintball marker barrel the following barrels are a good starting point. 

  1. DYE Ultralite Paintball Barrel. This Dye barrel is available in lengths of 12 in., 14 in., and 16 in. The aluminum composition barrel lightweight, ported for accuracy, and noise reduction.
  2. Lapco Cocker Big Shot Barrel. If a superior quality paintball barrel is on your wish list, then this 14 in. length, .684 caliber, high quality aluminum construction paintball barrel fits the bill. The Big Shot is made to comply with military specifications.
  3. Tippmann Pathfinder 14 in. length Paintball Barrel-X7/A5.  The Pathfinder typifies the craftsmanship, quality, and design Tippmann is known for, and this ported, aluminum construction barrel does not disappoint. You can feel confident that this 14 in. length barrel is accuracy efficient.
  4. Smart Parts All American 14 in. length One Piece Barrel. This barrel has a reputation for being one of the most accurate barrels on the market. The barrel is aluminum construction, the leading construction material choice among paintball players.
  5. Stiffi Red Skull Carbon Fiber Barrel-14 in. length, .687 Bore.  The slick and sleek carbon fiber construction of the Red Skull barrel delivers accuracy on an unsurpassed level. This lightweight barrel is beautiful to look at and handle.
  6. Invert Whisper Paintball Barrel. This 14 in. length barrel is aluminum composition.  Among the paintball markers the Whisper is compatible with are the Invert Mini and Autococker.
  7. Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel. This 14 in. length barrel is ported, with carbon fiber/aluminum threads construction. The carbon fiber base construction may increase the unit price, but it is an option worth considering.
  8. Trinity Assault Tactical Paintball Barrel. This 17 in. length barrel is a good choice for the paintball player who is combating challenging outdoor conditions. The longer barrel length provides greater control in unstable weather conditions, and when longer distances come into play.
  9. RAP4 22 in. length Flute Sniper Barrel. This barrel is designed with the scenario paintball marker in mind. This barrel is not for the more common paintball games, but it more than adequately fills a specialty niche.
  10. Invert Twister Paintball Barrel. The Invert Twister is aluminum composition, and is 14 in. length. Looking for a paintball barrel that is both lightweight and accurate, then this barrel is a worthy contender.  

Even though a consensus among paintball players in regards to the best paintball marker barrel is unlikely, the barrel choices in this article will enhance player accuracy and efficiency in the sport.  

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