10 Best Paintball Marker Pistols

The competitive sport of paintball requires the best paintball marker pistols.  Like most sports, the equipment used bears a direct correlation with performance and paintball is no exception.  Paintball markers (or guns) come in many varieties, pump guns, pistols, and sniper guns.  We are going to have a look at the options available to modern paintballers.

  1. RAP17.  This paintball pistol replicates the look, feel and operation of a real sidearm. Made of metal alloy and hard plastic to make it light and durable, its magazine can hold ten rounds.  For its authenticity and performance, the RAP17 is one of the best paintball marker pistols around.
  2. BT-4 ERC. This paintball marker pistol is an electronic gun.  It features a motorized loader that feeds a paintball every time the gun is shot.  The BT-4ERC is one of the best paintball marker pistols around because of its sheer firepower and reload speed.
  3. Azodin Blitz 2011.  The Blitz 2011 has a high performance valve design that offers improved air efficiency, accuracy and overall performance.  Retailing at less than $200, this gun one of the best paintball marker pistols for its value.
  4. Azodin KP 2011 Pump Paintball Marker.  This wonderfully crafted handgun is made of Alloy and plastic.  Some lighter guns compromise on accuracy but the KP 2011 does not disappoint here.
  5. US Army Carver One Paintball Marker.  This gun makes it into our list of best paintball marker pistols because of its versatility.  It has the ability to shoot in semi auto, three shot burst and full safety auto mode and gives the user plenty of options in a paintball battle.
  6. Invert Mini Paintball Marker.  Available in Black, red and blue, this gun has a comfortable size and feel for paintballing.   Weighing less than two pounds, the Invert Mini may be one of the lightest paintball marker pistols available.
  7. Dangerous Power E1.  The E1 is equipped with a micro-switch board capable of firing in Semi-auto mode & Full-auto fire modes.  It has a high pressure regulator engineered to give power and accuracy.  For its easy maintenance and sheer fire power, the E1 makes it into our list of the best paintball marker pistols.
  8. Dangerous Power Fusion FX Marker.  The 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion has a poppet valve design that provides great accuracy, minimal kick, good efficiency and high rates of fire.  This is achieved by having the bolt attached to the ram assembly which move together to fire the paintball.  Great technology, in a great gun, one of the best paintball marker pistols ever!
  9. Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Marker.  This is the Rolls Royce of paintball marker pistols.   The Ego 11 comes equipped with valves that incorporate twin flow control devices; they can be used to independently control both the forward and rearward speed of the rammer.  The result is smooth firing without excessive recoils.  Unrivaled technology to make this one of the best paintball marker pistols reviewed.
  10. Planet Eclipse Etek3 AM Marker.  The Eclipse Etek3 features an all metal construction. The Frame, Eye Covers and Feedtube are all made of high-grade aluminium.  The Deftec feed system give the user a smooth firing experience by preventing the balls from bouncing excessively and causing breaks and chops.  For its performance in battle and value for money, the Etek 3 makes our list of the best paintball marker pistols.
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